Tuesday, March 5, 2013

catching up

We are headed back into the city today but for two days only this week as we will finish up the panel we are working on and it will be installed Thursday morning. Next week we will go in as well, again for only two days, to clean and seal the companion panel to the one we are finishing this week and to get it re-installed.

This is a job we did some 12 years ago and one of the panels has been broken so it involves making a new panel to replace the broken one and removing the intact panel and getting it thoroughly cleaned and sealed and then reinstalled.

And that will be all the backlogged work. We still have two commissions on the books but neither of them are ready for fabrication and I am glad of that.


I'm tired and ready for a break. 

We've been going full bore for 6 months now and though I am not complaining, am so grateful for the work after nearly a year and a half of little to none, I am tired of having to go into the city every week to do fabrication. Now that we are caught up for the moment, or will be soon, we will be able to hang tight at home while I get art work prepared for the next two.

So here's some miscellaneous pictures.

heritage carrots from the garden


redbud tree blooms

a sunset from last fall

and a little broccoli flower


  1. I have that sort of iris, too. But not for another couple of months.

  2. I love the pictures - spring is coming! They're calling for 6 inches of snow tonight - but spring is still coming :)

  3. Those photos are just so refreshing.. veggies.. flowers and setting sun. I hope your break will make you feel at least as refreshed.

  4. you're definitely ahead of us in spring. and YAY for a small break for you!!!

  5. Those carrots make me quite jealous!

  6. Love the broccoli flower. Don't believe I have ever seen one before.

  7. Your reality is less wintry than every one else's! wonderful family of carrots, all sorts. Sometimes out broccoli will bolt - the flowers are great in salad, as you know. I look forward to them.

  8. Love all the pictures but my favorites are the sky and the blossom.

    Soon, rest soon.

  9. For some unknown reason your previous two posts didn't show up on my reader until today! Love the doors! I'm stunned that you managed to read as much as you did - and sheesh ... you deserve a break!

  10. Take your well deserved break and just relax and renew.
    I love the photo of the "Dutch" Iris. They always remind me of my Mom. She just loved her bulbs and these were her favorites.
    Oma Linda

  11. that's a great series of miscellaneous photos!

    I know what you mean about being grateful for the work yet exhausted by it
    one of the stresses of running your own shop


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