Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the last grandkid visit

I fetched the grandboy last week for his visit.

Mikey is 15 this year and he is now taller than both of us. By more than just an inch. The kid is shooting up and his face is changing too. Not a man yet but you can see the glimmers. One thing about that boy that hasn't changed though, he. never. shuts. up.

Initially he was going to bring a friend with him for the first couple of days but plans got changed. Just as well since it rained the first three days of his visit.

The first thing he did was reacquaint himself with my whistles which are currently in that box on the desk. All my pics of him are stealth shots as he is much better at avoiding the camera than his sisters.

During the first rainy days we settled down in the back room and watched the first two seasons of The Glades on his laptop.

We made two kinds of ice cream, coconut and key lime pie. The coconut was really good. So was the key lime pie but after about 3 or 4 bites you started to pucker a little bit.

And brownies.

During a break between episodes, Mikey noticed a big spider web, must have been as tall as I am, just outside the back door so we went out to look at it. The spider had spun it's web outside the bathroom window in which the kids keep the light on all night when they are here. Pretty clever spider, light attracts bugs. Mikey blew on the spider while we were standing there and it suddenly started making the web flex back and forth quite rapidly and then it drew in it's legs and hunkered down in the center of the web. When we went out about 30 minutes later to check on it again, it had taken it's web down and left.

We took my sister some of the key lime pie ice cream and Mikey found an old antique edger at her house and brought it home and without being asked to, set about to edge the concrete apron of the driveway with it.

He did a great job, hauled the grass to the compost pile, hosed it down, and put away the tools.

On Saturday I had to work at the store so he came with me with his skate board and between jaunts around town and over to visit my sister, he helped me with customers at the shop.

I got a kick out of his skater's tan.

That night, the spider was back.

Sunday we all went to see The Amazing Spider-Man movie which was really very good.

Feeding Big Mama watermelon, a particular favorite of hers.

On his last day, it was hot and muggy so he rigged up a slip and slide with a tarp and the hose. A couple of the neighborhood boys joined him and then later they all went swimming at the other boys' grandmother's house.

He's been returned home now. He's a good kid. I mean really, how many 15 year old boys like to hang out with their grandparents?


  1. what a sweetie. i get the feeling this is the last visit where you'll get to call him mikey. :)

  2. What kid of any age wouldn't want to hang out with someone as cool as you?

  3. He is an awesome human! i LOVE him! You are the most fun!!!

  4. He sounds like such a great son/grandson. You and his parents should be proud, very proud.

    As for the never.shuts.up thing - I think him and Wallene were separated at birth. She has one speed and it is constant. God love her, I don't want to tell her to hush, but sometimes....Thank goodness she doesn't do the "like" thing - "Like Bobby said like Josie has a new like kitty like his name is Boxy...." I would definitely have to stuff the kid in the closet. giggle

    Glad you had such a good time with your grandson.

  5. And now it's all work for you my girl!!

    So glad you enjoyed all the visits this summer

  6. I know...right!! Our grandkids hang out with us too!! Go figure!

  7. Wonderful kids. As for all the talk, they do go to bed eventually. I try to outlast them.

  8. I'm glad you had a good visit. I like key lime, but my mouth was puckering just reading about it :)

  9. I so enjoyed reading about Mikey's visit and seeing the outdoor photos. They sure look familiar, being in southeast Texas and all. I've not heard of the "The Glades," but I'm not surprised. Where does Mikey live, by the way?

  10. hey Snow - my kids and grandkids live in Houston which is where we lived until a few years ago when we made the transition to Wharton.

  11. what a fun time, nice to have a good kid around the house

  12. That is, truly, a good boy -- soon to be a good man. :-)

    Nice family.


  13. Sounds like a great visit -- with yard work as a fringe benefit! How terrific is that?!

  14. i only hope I have the same relationship with my grandson as you do yours. What a wonderful visit.

  15. What a good kid. I'm glad you enjoyed your time together and I hope he still wants to hang with grandma, next year.


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