Monday, July 16, 2012

some good stuff

It rained every day for 5 days, two of those days all day long. This is most welcome as we are still recovering from last year's terrible drought and it's been a long time since I can remember getting rain so many days in a row. One of those rainy days I happened to walk out into the garage and noticed about a dozen large earthworms making their way across the concrete. 

Not the brightest bulbs in the box as I noticed several dead shriveled up earthworms already littering the floor. I scooped them up and put them back outside on the ground.

I think Big Mama has learned how to get back in her pond by herself finally. Thursday she was out in the yard when we left to go in the city for the day and forgot about her til the next morning when Marc saw her in the yard and put her back in the pond. Saturday morning I noticed she was out in the yard again digging a hole. When I got home from working at the antique store I went out to get her. 

I couldn't find her anywhere and was scouting outside the fence when I looked over at the pond and there she was, her head sticking up out of the water looking at me. Marc says he did not put her in.

We got notice that a proposal has been accepted. This will be a very nice job consisting of two 3/4 lite doors and the shower door and big window in the master bath. It's nice to have some work come in finally this year. The two big walls? I have no idea what's going on with that. My liaison is on vacation and I'm hearing nothing from the project manager.

And of course winning the first place prize at Archway Gallery's annual juried exhibit the beginning of this month. Also on the art glass scene, we will have at least three pieces in a show opening in early October at Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery in Pittsburgh PA.

The last grandkid visit starts next Wednesday. The grandboy is bringing a friend with him for the first few days. How much do two 15 yr. old boys eat?

And the last good thing is I don't think my pinky toe is broken after all. I was pretty sure it was Saturday night after I stubbed it earlier in the day helping my sister move furniture around in the store.


  1. To answer your question about how much fifteen-year old boys can eat: MORE THAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE!
    I love Big Mama.

  2. What a great pic of big mama in the pond! Yay big mama!

    Things are turning around for you at last. Thank god.

  3. go, big mama! getting back to the pond on her own!

    congrats on the work! (wish it was for those dang huge walls!)

  4. better watch your step,,,snakes, furniture,,what next,,,lol

  5. I love Big Mama too - I'm happy that she's finally getting independent :) And I agree with Ms. Moon about the food. I think you should tell us how many pounds they eat - ha!

  6. Worms do not come out of the ground during rain because otherwise they will drown. That's a myth. Worms come out because conditions are moist and favorable for them, and travel above ground is faster than below. Worms come out to invade new territory.

    I figured this out on my own.

  7. Big Mama might have been in the yard either a) eating earthworms, or b) laying eggs. Anyway, so glad you got some rain. We finally got the tropical storm rains we needed here in Baja Georgia too.

  8. It's raining & you're on a roll. That is all good news.

    Do you think big mama was thinking about laying eggs?

  9. Stock up on cereal, and milk. The big bags that look like pillows.

    Rain, what is that? We are trying to set a record here in the midwest for the most consecutive days above 90, and most of those have been over 100. And no rain. Clouds will form and wind will blow and I swear I can smell the rain. But it evaporates before it hits the sky above me.

    Good for you on the job front. Wear shoes! Shoes that will cover your toes.

  10. You may get to know the grocery store well with two teens.I would think your turtle may have made a nest.

  11. Mr. Charleston, Kerry, and Out on the Prairie - Yes she has been about this egg laying since spring. She finally laid two last Thursday as far as I could tell but missed the hole and smashed them. it looks like she successfully laid some as the place she was digging is all filled in and tamped over.

  12. Both my grandson's eat copious amounts of food. My ten year old grandson learned a new word. Righteous. As in, "that was one righteous supper, grandma." A lot of food will be gone.

  13. At least one loaf of bread per sitting ...

  14. I wondered where my rain went. Now I know.

  15. Sorry about the toe!! That hurts
    And congrats on the new project...that is super!!


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