Wednesday, July 25, 2012

how does that saying go...

...when it rains, it pours?

It looks like our semi-retirement is soon to be over. For the next 6 months or so anyway.

Monday I finally got the go ahead from the general contractor to submit an invoice for the deposit for the two big walls I have been consulting on and writing proposals for and attending meetings for since January. The client has already moved into one of the floors that one of the walls will go on. Heck, they might have moved into the second one too by now.

In case you forgot, this is the job with the two 16' x 9' walls (originally 20' long), one with an image of a map of the world in diagonal lines and the other with an image of their mountain logo.

Of course we finally get the go ahead that I've been waiting on for months right after I received a deposit for a very nice residential commission which consists of two door panels, laundry room and pantry, and the shower door and big window over the tub in the master bath.

Also on Monday I received an email from a client that I submitted a proposal to almost two years ago for three large fused glass panels for a church. Really, I had finally given up on that one even though the art director would occasionally contact me about possible funding coming up and which never materialized, at least not for our project.

Apparently he's got another interested possible donor he's meeting with later this week. I'm not holding my breath on that one though cause there have been too many false alarms but it wouldn't surprise me now if it did.

Oh, and there are also the two gallery shows coming up. Fortunately, I have work for those already though I am trying to get one more piece completed for the show in October, an ode to the peach.

Well, I'm very happy to have the work and not complaining as it's been a very meager two years but it would be nice for it to have been spread out a bit.


  1. Oh my!!! You have got them coming from every direction!! Whew!! I would feel a bit overwhelmed too!!
    Congrats and good luck!

  2. Right on Ellen!
    When it rains it pours doesn't it?

  3. An ode to the peach. I can get behind that.

    Mazel tov! It's about time. Incredible, isn't it, how the drought ended on several levels, all at once. Crazy good.

  4. Yay! And I'm fascinated by the ode to a peach - I think I might have to find some peach pie so I can think about it...

  5. HOORAY that the big walls finally came through! but, yes, it would have been nice to have it more steady than downpour! :) congrats, though!!!

  6. All Right! Good news, even if it means working double shift to get things done on time. I guess the economy is improving in Texas.

  7. nice photo, we suffer from lack of clouds

  8. So happy for you! Our pool is out of commission and as much as I am enjoying time to myself, I am not enjoying the loss of revenue. I know what you mean!

  9. Oooh, now that's a lot all at once! Dang, now there will be pressure! But I figure you are more than up to it. I hope you take lots of pics.

    Will the ode to a peach be...peach-sized?


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