Saturday, July 28, 2012

some work in progress

wax model for boteros 8

I'm still working on the botanica erotica series with four more of the 4” square waxes ready to invest and cast in glass. I keep finding more pictures that inspire me. I only need two more to complete the originally planned 12 but I think I may end up doing more than that. At least 15. then I need to decide how I want to display them, singly or in groups. Maybe a bit of both. We don't like to run the kiln in the hottest part of the summer so we probably won't cast them until early fall.  

working sketch for Ode to a Peach

Right now though I'm trying to get a new box finished for the show at Morgan Contemporary Glass in Pittsburgh that opens early October. It's going to have an inlay on the front like the wren box did only this time it will be in color and the top will sport a small sculpture of peach blossoms. I'm toying with the idea of having the peach pit feet cast in bronze. Not sure what color to use for the box itself though, or the top.


wax model of flowers in progress

It just occurred to me that maybe if I do the feet in bronze I could do the top in bronze too with the glass sculpture on top of that. That might work. Maybe I'll do the box itself in a nice pale blue to set off the peach.

This is another little piece I'm playing around with. It's an assemblage of small pieces either left over or re-purposed. Not sure how it fits in my narrative yet. I think it belongs in a future series maybe, an idea that I haven't quite figured out.

All this will take a back seat when we start on the project for Invesco. I submitted my invoice for the deposit and once that comes in, it will be our main focus. That and the other job which I'm working on now.


  1. The wax model for the flowers is cool. Also the peach box sounds interesting. Looks like you'll be busy for awhile.

  2. i like the idea of the peach pit feet. :) i think your vision is so cool.

  3. Interesting work! I love the peach box idea. Is it hard to get pieces cast in bronze? I'm assuming you "subcontract" that part to someone else while you work with the glass? (I'm just reading about your work for the first time, so apologies if you covered this already for your other readers!)

  4. I know it's been a dry spell for you (workwise I mean) but now you have this work coming in you seem to be inspired again. Lovely to see

  5. I love all your works in progress!
    Esp the floral arrangement and the box will be awesome!!
    Bronze feet would be cool for sure.

  6. You sound so pleased with life. Love the bronze peach pits.

  7. Cool stuff. Love to see artists working, producing... being!

  8. Steve - I do have the bronze pieces cast at a foundry. I take them the wax and they turn it into bronze. but the process is very similar to the way I cast wax models into glass. in some ways, bronze is much easier.


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