Thursday, July 5, 2012

grandkid visits - week 3

Once again Tuesday week found me in town making the switch, dropping Robin off and picking up Autumn.

Autumn, also 14, is more reserved than her twin, but is very funny when she clowns around. She wants to learn to draw and by that she means not just draw pictures, but really draw things so they look accurate. I have a drawing program on my iPad which all three girls used extensively during their visits, each having their own album, but Autumn chronicled her visit in hers.

Here's a few of the 42 pictures she drew.

She had only a couple of projects for her week. We listened to music and sat up late every night. We had a slumber party one night since I fell asleep next to her on the futon while we were talking in the dark.

We made baby monsters.

She had me turn her school uniform sweatshirts into zippered jackets. It remains to be seen what the school uniform police will think of that.

She made cookies.

I made her two pairs of shorts.

Unlike her younger sister, she isn't really interested in learning to sew, just in the product. So while I sewed, she did this...

and this.

We went to the Freedom Fest here in Wharton and she walked on water

and bungee jumped.

And we saw the fireworks display, all 8 minutes of it.

We babysat my sister's two little dogs over the weekend while she ran around the yard refusing to let me take her picture.

She wanted s'mores sans the graham crackers (I blame the commercials for the kids wanting to eat these terrible things) but since it was too hot to have a fire in the little pit outside, she tried melting the marshmallows with a match.

When that didn't work, she melted the chocolate and marshmallows in the microwave.

OK, that wasn't such a good idea.

It seemed like the week had just begun when it was time to take her home.


 I'm bushed and glad the grandboy still has a week or two of summer school before his visit.


  1. this made me laugh. her slide-show was hilarious. i like her use of time and creativity. :)

  2. A little useless advice? Tell her not to worry about drawing things accurately - that comes with practice. Have her work on developing that wonderful style of hers. That's something that will enter into a realistic drawing, and give it that magic artists strive to create.

  3. Loved the slideshow and sharing all your fun.

  4. her drawings are fabulous every one! Whew, I am exhausted now...that was a lot of activity - you are an amazing grand mother. WOW!
    Marshmallows in the micro wave, oh yes...they do get weird. Fun to watch them blow up.

  5. such a talented bunch,,"Granny" included...stay cool. It is hot in Texas this week..(i figgered you didnt know

  6. I bet you loved every minute of it and you're going to love every minute of every other visiting grandkid's time with you..

  7. What a beautiful account. Love the drawing of grandma singing and the little monsters ;-)

    I want to walk on water and bungee jump, too!

    Whenever I read this kind of posts, I miss my grandma. But in the best of ways...

  8. she's beautiful!
    and so tall
    I love the walking on water
    and the pups cuddling her
    and the shot in the recliner with a cell phone is classic

    you're a great gram :)

  9. omigosh. Where to start. I have this crazy adoration for kids this age! I love her drawings: those shorts...that flashlight. She's a natural. S'mores without the graham cracker is genius and I'm sure there's a way to make this work. Please send her to me promptly and we'll figure this out.

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  11. You're the grandmother every child should have. I love the monsters you made.. the shorts, her drawings and the sad attempts at smores. Walking on water looks like fun and the shot of the dog and Autumn running around is a hoot. Yeah, you're the grandmother every kidlet should have.


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