Sunday, July 22, 2012

general stuff

We've had so much rain the last two weeks but it has finally stopped. We had two days in a row with no rain now and yesterday, though it started out overcast, cleared up by noon and turned into a real summer day. Hot. I expect today will be the same.

Pictures have been hard to come by lately because the rain has hatched some of the biggest, blackest, fiercest mosquitos I've seen since I stopped spending my summers on the west end of Galveston Island. Between the mosquitos and the rain or between the mosquitos and the heat, I can only stand to be outside in very short bursts. I'm not a big fan of spraying myself with poison, and besides my sister tells me that the mosquito repellant doesn't even slow them down.

The grandboy is here for his week now and so that has been keeping me occupied. More on that in my next post.

I continue to work in the antique store on Saturdays and fill in on other days. Yesterday I had two black women come in the store. I wouldn't point out their race except they had the most beautiful skin. Not just the texture but the color as well, a very creamy coffee color. They were sisters, originally from Egypt, a little town a short distance from Wharton, who now live in Houston, here for their father's birthday. Their father lives in a home now and is in his 90s.

Anyway, these two ladies came in the store and started looking at all the vintage jewelry. They must have spent an hour in the store trying on necklaces and earrings and holding up the brooches to see how they would look as they bantered back and forth. Pieces that would die on me with my very white skin, just shone on them. Eventually the daughter of one of the women came in looking for them, they made their purchases and left. It was probably the most entertaining hour I've spent in that store.

I'm happy to say we have some work in the shop now having received our deposit for the residential commission on Friday. Still no movement from the general contractor on the two big walls even though I submitted an insurance certificate to them two weeks ago. My liaison got back from vacation late last week so hopefully I'll find out something on Monday or Tuesday. We'll see.

Well, we're off to the movie.


  1. i envy your rains, but don't envy the mosquitoes. guess i'll keep my grasshoppers... :)

  2. OK, fingers crossed on the big work. I used to take a space in a friends antique mall over the Christmas holidays and through January. I enjoyed seeing all the kinds of people who came in and the kinds of purchases they made. I filled the time by weaving on my lovely little LeClerc 8 harness, and one year even wove a new stair runner. Good times.

  3. There is a small Baptist Church near me - on Sundays lots of African women are outside, so splendidly dressed, in such vibrant colours, it's very up lifting to just sit and watch.

    After months and months of rain we have at last has a glorious weekend!

  4. One thing we haven't had a lot of here is mosquitoes there's always something!

  5. One thing with all the dry here is no skeeters.

  6. We get so much rain here from fall to early summer, but then it gets dry, so we rarely see a mosquito. Fireflies? Are you seeing fireflies? Those I miss.
    When we went to NIger a few years back, the women were so beautiful dressed in their brilliant colors, like butterflies. I disappear in colors like that.

  7. Rain...wonderful. Mosquitoes...not.

  8. Dry crunchy grass here, but the mosquito population is down. It that the silver lining to my no clouds?

  9. I hate mosquito repellant. Blech. Even when I lived in Florida I didn't use it -- just stayed inside when they got fierce.

  10. We too could use that rain!! Sigh!!
    One plus,.... no mosquitoes!!
    Hope you enjoyed the movie

  11. We're having a gully washer at work right now - I sure hope it's raining like this at home! I was going to go out at lunch & mail some cards, but I think I'll just stay in & read blogs.

    I'm glad I'm not down there with the mosquitos - they LOVE me. I get at least one bite per day if I'm out in my shorts in the evening. But our 'squitos are little.

    Glad you have the work - & hopefully you hear SOON about the other job!


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