Monday, July 30, 2012

a day out

Sunday my sister and I took a day trip to the beach at Matagorda. As it turned out we didn't stay very long because the doldrums of August had already set in. There was not much wind and we didn't bring any kind of shade producing device. We were counting on more wind.

And it was high tide so there weren't any shells to speak of. I did notice a lot of tar washing up, leftovers from the BP oil spill I guess though there has always been a certain amount of tar that washed up during my growing up years on Galveston Island which is just up the coast about 100 miles.

It was a pretty day though and I enjoyed being on the beach.

(My camera has developed a circular shadow.)

a fish tale

some kind of sandpiper or other shorebird

a drowned flower

a small camp with horses by the fishing pier

the ocean and the sky

an oyster shell

feet in the water

white goat's foot morning glory

dunes in bloom

pink too

We stopped at Buddy's Seafood on the way home and got some shrimp and a flounder for dinner. Buddy has his own boat.



  1. Here we call those prawns, shrimps are really tiny ... I love the sea and miss not seeing it every day.

  2. love the dunes in bloom and the shells. makes me long for a day at the beach. but not in this heat! :)

  3. when I went to see my folks we went to Padre island to walk the shore- by the time we got back to the car my feet had about an inch of tar/oil hardened on the bottoms- it made me taller so i didn't mind and it felt really weird.My father didn't think it was acceptable at all- not in his car! It was not my favorite beach...

  4. Nice to be bechcombing, I love to do it myself. The seafood looks nice, fresh is hard to get around here without paying major money.

  5. Flowers thriving in sand dunes amazes me. It seems such a fragile place to call home.

  6. Looks like a nice walk on the beach. It always surprises me that things can flourish in pure sand, doused with salt, when I can't get anything but dandelions to grow in my sheltered yard.

  7. All great shots. My favorite was the flower with shells.

    so glad you had a day out...tell me how to do that one more time.

  8. Sounds like the perfect summer day.

  9. Sounds like a fun trip, despite the heat. I remember how hot the beach could be in Florida in summer -- I imagine Texas is comparable. Yeesh.

    I wonder what's going on with your camera? Maybe dust on the lens or on the sensor?

  10. Nice day out even if those "August doldrums" have set in. I think I need a day trip.

  11. I will take the beach and the ocean for sure. So beautiful.
    Then finish the day off with fresh fish...can we all say heaven!!

  12. I had the shadow problem. A friend I knew had the same. A prof photog friend of ours pointed out that we were accidentally holding hand in front of flash at top of camera. Not in the obvious place, but it casts a shadow. Try making sure you have NO fingers anywhere near flash. I swore I wasn't. But moved hand and shadow is gone :). I've had photog classes and still made this simple mistake ;(. I hope that works for you, because the summer should be caught in pictures before it fades :).

  13. What a great way to spend a summer day. The feet in the water shot looked so refreshing!. The spot could just be a speck on the lens or sensor.

  14. Ooh I'd love to have my feet in the water too...

    Love the flower pictures - my favorite is the drowned one. I think there's probably a nicely maudlin poem in that picture :)

  15. flowers on the dunes, that's beautiful


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