Wednesday, March 30, 2011

wild thang...

This has not been a good year for bluebonnets.

one small clump of bluebonnets in my front yard

see the little spider at the top? I didn't until I downloaded the image

the spots on the flowerlets change from white to red when they have been fertilized

Or indian paintbrush for that matter.

a small clump of indian paintbrush in the adjacent half acre

Not enough rain.

The seeds are still there and if we have good rains next winter, they will spring forth. (get it? spring forth?)

But, it has been a great year for evening primrose, or what we called buttercups when I was a kid.

All the pastures that were filled with indian paintbrush last year are filled with evening primrose this year.

...I think I love you.


  1. I think I love it, too.

    Cool to see an up-close pic of a bluebonnet. I always see the pics of fields of them. They are so magical and beautiful.

  2. "But I wanna know for sure.."

    Love that soft pastel field.. beautiful. "You make everything groovy!"

    Can you tell that the song is going to be in my head all night? :)

  3. What Hilary said!
    C'mon and hold me tight...
    I LUVVVV you.
    Your flowers are bright and welcome- It is SO dark here- all day darkness!

  4. How lovely what has come up looks. I know we are minus some spring flowers as well from lack of rain....but there's always another year. Great pix....TOB

  5. i love the bluebonnets . . . forever. steven

  6. Great photos Ellen - but buttercups are yellow surely?

  7. Beautiful pics' ellen. I wish it would look like that here - a few daffodils and an occasional crocus is about all we have. It is almost April and it still feels like winter.

    Thanks for "giving me hope" that spring may show itself soon.

    And I have to agree - aren't buttercups yellow? :)

  8. That field ... It makes my heart sing ...

  9. Do you know the botanical names? I can't recognise these gorgeous flowers.
    Their common names are so much more descriptive and do them lots more honour, I know, but apart from the evening primrose I don't know them.

  10. I remember a magical spring drive through Hill Country with fields lush with bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush. It's one of my best memories of living in Texas.

  11. Gorgeous! I don't think I've ever seen Indian Paintbrush - I love it!

  12. You have stolen my heart: you've shown the very best reasons for anyone to visit Austin, Texas in the springtime.

    And, in my opinion, it ain't South by Southwest.

    Oh, the memories that these wildflowers evoke for me!!!

    Could you send my heart back when you're done messing with it, please?

  13. these pictures make me homesick! man I need some barbecue and some robert earl keen on the ipod...

  14. Ah, spring has sprung in some parts! Your wild flowers look so exotic. Heaven to these color-starved winter eyes.

  15. Gotta love spring wildflowers!
    So beautiful!!

  16. We live just outside San Antonio. No rain for months. No bluebonnets. No paintbrushes. A few evening primroses. Love your photos.

    I came here from Joanne's blog.


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