Saturday, March 12, 2011

short stories 8


We have a couple of visitors for the next 5 days.

Morgan and Merlin

Morgan, the pornographic pup.

My sister has gone to visit her daughter and grandkids in Albuquerque so the puppies have come to stay with us. Emma, the cat, is not really in favor of this but unlike the other dog she sometimes has to deal with, she's nearly as big as these two. And she's on her home turf. She gave them one mean look and they started backing up and looking up at me nervously. Still, she takes the high ground.


Yesterday we spent the day in the city getting the never ending job installed. I like to be on site during my installations so as to be available to troubleshoot or answer any questions about the installation that I haven't previously thought of. Also, I can engage the clients so that they aren't breathing down my installer's neck, though sometimes I'm probably the one guilty of that. Some installations make me very nervous. They are, after all the moment of truth. And this particular job was like giving birth. I thought it would never end. But Randy did his usual superb job and the glass really looks great. I'm almost encouraged to try it again!

A picture of the glass.

A picture of the wall (believe it or not, the glass is installed in this picture).

My photoshop skills are minimal and I'm using an old version of elements. If everything was square, I could easily cut the window and paste it into the wall. So, I'm wondering if any of my readers could and (more importantly) would do this for me I would be eternally grateful and I'd send you a surprise. If you think you would accept this challenge let me know and I can send you the raw photos to work with. These I dicked around with and resized them so they would load quickly.


Spring is truly upon us. Warm days and cool nights. The trees are popping out, well, except for the pecan trees which are always the last to be convinced. Though we are only an hour away from the city we are colder (not so much concrete) and so are behind by a week or two. Our red bud trees are just now starting to bloom. Two days ago the ginkos had fat buds. Today they are sporting little leaves.

I brought the big birdbath from the city a couple of months ago but the little funky one I put together in the back yard is the more popular. Or maybe I just think that because I don't sit in the living room much and so don't see the activity in the other one. This morning a white wing dove was splashing around in it while the smaller warblers and sparrows fluttered around trying to get a turn.

The wildflowers are starting to bloom but it's not supposed to be such a great year for them because we had a very dry winter. The garden has been planted, just the basic tomatoes, peppers and beans so far this year. I'm moving the strawberries into their own bed but have just now started on it. Late, I know. My neighbor's strawberries already have big ripening berries on them.

Frank's strawberry bed.

My future strawberry bed.


Last night's sunset.


  1. I work with Photoshop CS4. I'm not sure exactly what you want but let me know, send me the files and I'll see what I can do.

    That glass looks absolutely incredible. And those pups are adorable.

  2. I can't quite get past Morgan.


  3. Morgan the way? lol

    The finished job looks wonderful. I still remember how frustrated you were about this one. I'm glad everything turned out okay; as I knew it would ;-)

  4. That dog is a hoot :)

    I'm SO glad the installation went well - it looks great. Hope Hilary can help you because I'm pretty basic too.

    We have seen flowers! But they're in NC. We're heading home tomorrow to the land of cold & cold. Oh well, it will get warm up there too eventually. I'm taking some tomato seeds to start :)

  5. Your glass art is stunningly beautiful!

    Life will be a little different with your visitors...enjoy.

    Glad spring has reached you.

  6. Hey, I didn't know your sisters family lived here in ' coulda sent the pecans with your Sis....nah the airlines charge more than UPS. The dogs are interesting visitors though. The glass is incredible as usual. And I would be useless with Photoshop....I have it but use it like I am blind, deaf, dumb......TOB, Linda

  7. Cute pups, gorgeous glass, and beautiful sunset! Congrats on finishing the job!

  8. Beautiful glass - I hope you feel really pleased!

  9. So beautiful!!! I love this piece and it looks smashing installed!
    Glad it went well!!
    Love those puppies!!

  10. Darling visitors :).

    The glass is beautiful!

  11. Nice to catch up and your glass work is amazing!

  12. I love this post - a little something for everyone.

    The dogs are adorable, your work is exquisite and we even got a sunset. Very cool. Thank you.

  13. Wish I knew how to Photoshop. (It's on the list.) Your panels came out beautifully! You must be so happy - and relieved. Now wasn't it worth all the worry?!
    P.S. Your sister must have a ball (literally) with those dogs.

  14. If you still need help, drop me a line...lovely, lovely windows.


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