Tuesday, March 15, 2011

little dogs

These are the craziest little dogs. And spoiled too. Lap sitters, snack getters, hot dog eating, ball playing little dogs. And their tails are going 90 miles an hour the whole time. Unfortunately, they don't get the lap sitting here. No dogs on the furniture.

They're good little dogs though. Smart. They know a lot of words. Like ball. And bed. And squirrel. I took them with me when I went over to my sister's to check on the cats. When I went to get the mail, which is across the road, I didn't want the dogs to follow me.

'Go find a squirrel,' I told them.

Those dogs were off like a shot running across the yard to one of the large pecans on the property.

They're whistle trained too. Not any kind of whistle that you or I could do. well, no whistle that I could do since I can't whistle Part of their gear is a whistle on a lanyard. If they get out of sight, being in a whole new place and all, they will come to the whistle.

Did I say gear?

These dogs came with food bowls, a water bowl, bed, blankets, toys, harnesses, leashes, hot dogs and snacks.

Morgan and Merlin are sister and brother. They were rescued from a guy as half grown pups. Morgan first and then Merlin. My BIL went back for Merlin when he found out he was being mistreated. Poor thing just sat under the house and trembled until my BIL could coax him out.

Morgan is, of course, the dominant dog of the pair. She usually gets the ball when you throw it to them because she just pushes him out of the way and he lets her have it. After she is through with it, she'll toss it to Merlin to play with and then Merlin will bring it to you to throw again. Sometimes though, Merlin won't let her have it and she'll get real pissy about it. You wouldn't think a dog could get pissy about anything. Morgan will even play with the ball by herself, catching it in her mouth and then bouncing it and catching it again.

Morgan playing ball with herself

I have an old recliner in the big room that I draped a sheet over for them while they are here. I notice that Morgan has commandeered the comfy chair for herself while brother is relegated to the bed on the floor that they normally share. The cat is spending most her time outside which she does anyway this time of year, coming in to eat in the evening and then for the night around 10 PM. Every time she comes in we have to give her fresh water because the dogs ignore their big bowl of water and want to drink the cat's water in her little bowl. What is it about cat water?

Merlin at the edge of the 13 acre field

Merlin is desperate to explore the 13 acre field behind us or the wild space. I'm constantly having to call him back with the whistle. His sister is a little better about staying in sight. Everyday, we go over to my sister's house to check on things. The first couple of days they didn't want to get back in the truck to go back to my house but the last two days and especially yesterday, they weren't particularly interested in checking out their yard and they both jumped in the truck right away when it was time to leave. I guess they could tell that nothing had changed, mom wasn't there.

Well, mom is coming home today and the little dogs will be sleeping at home tonight.


  1. They are so cute. But isn't it funny how they have their own little world that they expect us (the humans) to adhere to the rules of? You're a good Auntie to the twosome.
    Hey I must have made it in the world now. Remember your idiot commentor guy who was so foul about American Woman blah, blah, blah,.....well that fool boy has come to visit me with my Celebrate Oz thing a couple of times. Musta run outta those smut mags and moved on to this old woman and her love of OZ. WTH. Thought you'd get a giggle out of it.
    Be well. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  2. They really are cuter! I envy you!!! :))

  3. In our home, the cat has to have first go at the dog's meals. The dog waits with a sad, mildly worried look on her face until the cat has had her fill of the dog's food (or until I pick up the cat and tell her to leave the dog alone). Sometimes the cat will sit near the dog's dish —not eating— just making the dog wait. It's a game. Clearly, the kitty is the alpha around here.

    Happy dog sitting...

  4. What an interesting and busy world Merlin and Morgan have. Not a bad life, indeed.

  5. You must have had them on hold in that top photo. They're awfully cute, but how heartbreaking to know that some dogs are reduced to cowering under the house.

  6. They seem most obedient. I like the idea of a whistle call!

  7. They are so cute! Morgan & Merlin~ great names for great dogs!

  8. I sometimes go over to my sisters to look after her dogs - but after our two died I have no desire to have any more of my own!

  9. I love all the different personalities of dogs - they're so funny.

  10. Dogs are so funny! My older pair are 11 and I am thinking we need to add a puppy to the mix. The puppy will make them play and they will be teaching the puppy and I will have the puppy when they go to doggy heaven ......... many years from now Oh, hell, I just want a puppy!

  11. So glad these beautiful pooches got a good home- I would let them OWN the furniture.

  12. I love dogs! Your's are exceptional. Our old dog Charlie is very frail and I fear he won't be with us long.
    So he gets the special treats and the best spot on the rug by the couch.

  13. Aww it's sweet to have them around. I'm so glad they were rescued from their fate.

  14. They are so sweet! And beautiful! Glad you had a good time. You are a good friend to doggy sit - heck I love dogs and would do it too! :)

  15. I love this!! You know I am a serious dog lover. These guys sound fantastic. They come when you whistle? Wow. That never happened with Jake.

  16. It's a dogs life, alright. And their the cutest little dogs, too! They play together just like my son and daughter - who also gets a little pissy with her brother at times. ;)


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