Saturday, March 19, 2011

spring break

The little dogs went home on Tuesday and the grandkids (if you are new here that would be the boy at 14, the twins at 12 and the youngest at 10) arrived the very next day. My plans of trying to get a couple of hours of work done everyday during their visit have gone right out the window. Oh, I'm getting plenty of work done but not the type I planned. I feel like I have done nothing but cook and clean up the kitchen since they arrived and I'm not even doing all the cooking. One of the neighbors at the other end of our street has four kids, three of which are in the same age range as the grands and also across the street is another boy so there has been a gang of kids here the last two days. Fortunately, we're only feeding our four.

The girls completely covered the entire concrete apron of the driveway in front of the garage with chalk drawings. As we were washing it off last night (so they would have a clean slate again today) I realized I should have taken a picture of it while it was still light. I must be brain dead from all the food preparation and clean-up.

Or maybe it's because of the late nights, up til 1 AM or so. Last night I made them go to bed early and by early I mean 11 PM. Needless to say, I haven't had access to my computer much. The only reason I've got it now is that they are all still asleep, well, except for the boy. He's always been an early riser.

They are good kids though. The boy has swept the floor of the big room twice and trimmed the grass around the edge of the concrete apron. The youngest girl cleaned up my desk and drawing table. They help with the cooking and set the table for dinner. The twins had a couple of school projects to do and have worked diligently to get them done, making their charts and posters. One of the girls made cookies for everybody.

Today will be more of the same though I am going to enlist their aid in enlarging the strawberry patch, moving the plants out of the cinder block. Tomorrow the parental unit comes to fetch their kids.

There's no way I will be able to catch up with you all so I will just meet you downstream.


  1. Its okay, we'll wait at bunny ears...

  2. From everything I've heard about them, your grandkids are great. It's just that there are so many of them! No wonder you're brain dead.

    But today, if it comes to you, will you take a pic? I love sidewalk chalk drawings. We're coming into the season here in DC. Yeah.

  3. I remember those chalk days with my kids. They'd draw a gas station on the driveway, then fuel up their bikes. Take a picture, what an artform, and world, chalk drawings are.

  4. Kids are a lot of work- non stop-and at their ages food is a biggie! I can say good thing it is short lived and good thing they love you enough to stick around for awhile! You're the best! I would love a week of that kid company and care- but only one week!

  5. Downstream is wonderful darling. Have fun with the grands.......endeavor to persevere or hang in or hang on......tee hee....I get it. Linda

  6. How nice of you to take care of the four. I am sure their stay was most enriching for them, and the chief caregivers appreciated the break.

  7. Wow! Your are surrounded by little helpers. Don't tell them I called them "little", according to my niece that word is illegal in teenage lingo.

  8. Wow, between dogs and kids, sounds like you've been really busy. But it sounds like a "good kind of busy"! Enjoy!

  9. Oh yes,just feeding people takes so much time. How did we do all we did?

  10. I noticed that meals took on a whole new meaning when I was helping out with my son's kids. They sure do eat with great regularity, don't they?

  11. When my grandkids come to as I know it rocks out for sure!! No computer time and lots of kitchen duty! Ha!!!
    Glad you are enjoying them so much!!
    No my oldest grands don't come to visit much. I miss the craft time we used to have!!
    So enjoy!

  12. Enjoy your exhausting but love-filled time, Ellen.


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