Tuesday, February 10, 2009

sitting in the hero's pose

Sitting in the Hero’s Pose makes my feet cramp.  And sometimes my calves too.  I have no trouble flexing my feet the other way.  I can do a flat footed Downward Dog no problem.  So I’ve been spending some time every other night or so (or so) sitting in the Hero’s Pose trying to get my feet to be comfortable.  I’m doing this because I go to a yoga class with a small group of friends every Tuesday evening.  And every Tuesday evening, my feet cramp.  

I like yoga, have been doing more or less yoga off and on since I was in my early 20s, but I seem to have a hard time committing to yoga.  I just haven’t been able to set up a daily practice but I will attend a weekly session faithfully.  It’s good to stretch, to twist, to bend, to balance, sometimes to contort.  It keeps me flexible, an opposite to the weight training.  I always leave yoga feeling taller.

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