Friday, February 6, 2009


I’ve been sitting in the sun getting my vitamin D for the day.  I also call it doing my lizard act.  But what it really is, is spring fever.  We are having glorious weather this week...sunny with a cool breeze and dry.  It keeps enticing me outside when I should be working.  That it’s Friday only makes it worse.  

The cycle of blooms has started with the earliest pear trees and the tulip trees.  In a couple of weeks, the redbuds should start emerging.  Already the baby-blue-eyes are blooming in the easement and the wild ranuculus are starting up.  There’s a sunflower out there too, a holdover from last year.


  1. Hi Ellen,

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I tried to post something earlier and "lost" it while reviewing all my typos in the preview section. We spent many good years in Texas. It still holds a place in my heart. We were in Denton both attending University of North Texas and then my husband took a position on the music faculty at Sam Houston State. We had the advantage of the small town and big city in both instances (Denton and Dallas and then Huntsville and Houston). My husband taught during the day and performed/played at night. I use to love to go to the Houston MoFA and the Contemporary Museum. Spent good times at Galveston and South Padre as well. Good luck with your new venture. I will enjoy stopping by now and then. Best regards,

  2. Thanks Terrie, I'm having fun with it.


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