Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3. stepping out

I date my studio from 1974.  During that first year I acquired a business license and a DBA, a gravity feed sand pot and an air compressor.  It was my intention from the start to do architectural commission work.  Upon seeing that funky little rose on a piece of scrap glass, my mind had immediately leapt to the possibilities.  I had stood there seeing front door lites and windows in homes.

I started simply.  I explored different materials for stencils because masking tape is the absolute worst thing you can use.  I developed a few designs and made framed hanging panels and started doing art shows and fairs.  I was a little dismayed to find out that most people did not make the same leap from small etching to front door but it was at one of these shows in Galveston that I got my very first commission, a window with a victorian medallion design.

The following year, 1975, I met the man who would become my partner in life and before too long, my partner in the studio.

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