Monday, February 23, 2009

the outdoors beckons...

I’ll get back to my journey as a glass artist in the coming days.  Today, I’m back to sitting in the sun.  After two cold nights, my old house with it’s solid walls and deep eaves, is like an ice box.  I refuse to turn on the heat because it is nice and warm outside.  Spring is here, no doubt.  Mosquito hawks are everywhere.  The red bud trees are in bloom.  Even better, the peach trees are blooming.  The early irises are putting up bloom stalks.  The mock orange is showing green on the stem tips.  The bluebonnets in the front are starting to bloom.  The maple trees are blooming.  All the trees, except for the pecans of course, have big fat buds on their stems or showing the first bit of green.  The birds are busy looking for mates and checking out possible nesting sites.  There was a male cardinal in the top of a pine tree all weekend singing his little heart out and the mockingbirds are starting their territorial disputes.  Here in Houston, my yard is filled with the little african lillies and baby-blue-eyes.  

I don’t think I’m going to get much work done today.

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