Monday, February 9, 2009

cat TV

I put together a funky little birdbath out at the country house a couple of weeks ago.  It’s been very dry.  The whole state is pretty much in one degree of drought or another.  So I put this together out of some bricks and a blue glass dish that was left behind by the previous owners and I put it on top of the access to the septic tank pump, which is in the little fenced area just outside the back door.  It probably goes dry in two days.  It’s always dry when we get back.  But, when I’m there, I keep it full of water.  

It’s become quite the popular place.  The little birds are more daring than the big birds.  The chickadees especially are fearless.  They’ll come to it when I’m sitting about 15’ away, or if my back is turned, even closer.  There’s a little type of sparrow, I think, that comes a lot too.  And a female cardinal that likes to bathe in the morning.  A mockingbird comes, but not if you’re outside.  Bluejays too.

The cat, Emma, also likes it.  She’ll sit near me when I’m out there but when I’m not, I’ve seen her out there about 3’ away.  I’m not worried about the birds.  No self-respecting bird is going to go to a birdbath with a cat sitting right next to it.    Emma hasn’t figured this out yet.  

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