Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gorgeous George

My sister and brother-in-law live outside Wharton which is one of the reasons we picked that little town ourselves.  They keep chickens so I bring fresh yard eggs back to Houston every Monday for a few friends.  They started out with a dozen hens and then decided to get a rooster.  About a year later they decided to get more hens and expected that Deke, the rooster, would herd them all together into one flock.  Only that didn’t happen.  Deke would run interference for his hens and run the new girls out of the coop so his could lay eggs or he would run the new girls away from the food so his could eat first.  My sister and brother-in-law finally made the chicken yard bigger and set up another coop at the other end but that did not solve the problem.  Deke was a bully.  There were several immature roosters that came with the new hens and he kept attacking them.  The younger roosters would get out of the yard to escape Deke and one by one, met their demise by the neighbor’s daschunds who thought chicken hunting was great fun.  So now, Deke is gone, sent back from whence he came and a new rooster was brought in, the thought being that a new rooster would not know that there are two flocks of hens and will keep them all together and protect them all.

Mike brought him home in a pet carrier, they clipped one of his wings so he couldn’t fly off and then let him loose in the chicken yard.  While he was still getting his bearings, the dominant hen ran up and gave him a hard peck on the breast, getting her licks in while she had the chance I guess.


  1. oh that's a fabulous story. WHo knew. I want to get chickens and grow a garden, so I've been reading all these posts about the country with great interest. I too will be a total rookie, and will delight in learning along with you!

    You might be interested in this blog, or one of the othe three blogs that are linked to it... someone growing food in the garden...

  2. After all this time I'm finally getting to the chicken stories. That's one fine looking rooster. I "know" a similar looking one who lives in Australia. His name is Tina Turner. ;)


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