Tuesday, April 16, 2024

a surprise, wild berries, and a big score

I was working over at Pam’s house Sunday, finally sprayed the fence line with poison and in the ditch specifically the things that grow tall with thick stems, all done up in long pants, long sleeves, gloves, rubber boots, hat, and mask. I hate using poison but this is not the tame city. I refused to use poison for over a decade out here but I am defeated. There are things that will swallow you whole and take over an entire yard. I was joking with Joe the last time he came to mow the shop yard that the area was getting smaller and smaller with two of the four fences lines getting swallowed up. There are places along the back and east fences that are at least 12’ deep full of trash growth.

After I got done I got the long handled nippers and started pruning the wisteria back some to get it off the ground so to be able to mow down the weeds growing under there when I saw my daughter and Jade pull into my driveway. I hailed them from across the street. I brought you a surprise, my daughter says. So I put away the stuff and came back across the street and this was my surprise,

my great granddaughter Paisleigh who is about 2 1/2 now. 

Minnie was being such a good dog. 

Paisleigh and her Granny.

My grandson has been here all week working on some cars for his parents and also making some money at the auto shop where he used to work, things are slow in Arkansas apparently, and Audra and Paisley came in this weekend to get him and they are talking about moving back to Wharton.

I had noticed some ripe dewberries along the fence line when I was cutting down the new growth in the ditch so after they left I went and checked the patch at the end of the shop and came home with these.

And yesterday I picked another bowl full. Dewberry cobbler on the menu for tonight.

Jade was still here yesterday so we did a couple of the shops while waiting for some work to be done on her car. She bought some things at one and then we went to JT’s which is a ‘junktique’ but they have lots of old glass chandelier crystals so we rummaged through them to see if there was any I don’t already have and I came home with ten new ones.

and a new glass drawer pull, which as it turns out needs holes a bit bigger in the face of the drawer for me to be able to use it. 


  1. The sweetest surprise! What a doll she is. And Minny is being very kind.
    Hurray for dewberries! For some reason it drives me crazy when people call dewberries "blackberries." They are similar but not the same! I'm really getting cranky in my old age.
    Love the prisms, especially the last three. Very nice!

  2. She is the very definition of cuteness. And thanks for introducing me to dewberries, a term I had not heard before. If they are as good as blackberries count me in for a piece of that cobbler.

  3. What a doll...a granddaughter who's great! Berries look like they'd sure be a good cobbler. Too bad about the drawer pull, but the crystals are all pretty!

  4. Paisleigh and Minnie in a cart. Cute overload.

  5. Haven't seen Paisleigh since she was a baby. She's growing!

  6. What a sweet surprise! She's a cutie!
    Ooo, I love the chandelier crystals - so pretty!

  7. A great granddaughter that you can tell a thousand years of stories to. (I think only whales have longer memories, and they may be asking for reparations soon).

  8. I have a collection of chandelier crystals too. (Only four, though, so much smaller than your collection!)

  9. Lovely girl! And your first berries, I am jealous.

  10. Wow...double wow on the that baby girl. YOu are blest. And berries. OUr birds and squirrels get all of ours. One way to avoid using too much poison is to cut back all the vines and paint the stems that are left with the herbicide.

  11. A double sweet surprise: Paisleigh and dewberries. To be honest, most dewberries I come across are a little seedy for my taste, but it may be that berries from an actual patch are sweeter and less seedy -- or I might just come across less tasty examples.

  12. A wonderful surprise! That is such a cute age. I finally told the old owner of our property to just leave the ravine to grow. He was keeping it cut to the ground. I noticed some thorny bushes that I hope are some sort of berry. He was thinking he was helping me .....


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