Thursday, January 2, 2020

out with the old, in with the new

I trust everyone had a good holiday season and are just as glad that it's done for another year. I'm glad to see 2019 gone. Besides the continued destruction of this country and our democracy and the planet, it wasn't one of my better ones. Between my health issue that dominated the year and all the months of work and struggle on a particular piece of art it was less than great. It did end well though, one part of the health issue is fixed and the other part is being controlled and the art piece did finally get finished and sold immediately. I guess I can't really complain. And the last few days of the year were good. My grandgirl Autumn came to stay a few days and then I drove her back to Austin on Monday and spent the night. We had a great dinner

and then stayed up late in the night talking about her year, which she is also glad to see gone, not a good one for her either, but she's hopeful for this coming year and she is clear on what she wants and needs, so much more so than I was at her age. Then a late breakfast

and running errands and then I drove home in time for our game night with our little social group on the street which was a lot of fun playing a domino game called Train with a lot of laughter and we actually stayed up til midnight to see the year out and in and home about 1 AM. And yesterday I was a total slug, did not even put on 'outside' clothes.

I don't usually do New Year's resolutions. I've only made two in my life that have mostly stuck. One was to spend my change even if it meant the next person in line had to wait an extra minute while I dug it out of my pocket (you'd be surprised how many people get annoyed by that) and the other was to do 5 sun salutations every morning (which evolved into a short routine) but which has been a little hit or miss, mostly miss this past year. So I'm going to try and be better about that, even on days when I go to class in the evening. And I'm going to try and be more productive in my art this year which was my goal for last year but then the whole flutter/afib thing just took over.

Today it is overcast and rainy but not too cold. I have six more days of taking care of the Demon Duo until my sister returns. 

I might do a little housecleaning today and I might not. I have a wind chime to repair and a little trinket box to paint so maybe I'll do that. The camellia is still blooming and some of the roses are blooming.

a little droopy from the rain

Here's the gray cat that comes to drink out of the turtle pond.

May 2020 be a good year for all and especially boot Trump out in November.


  1. Happy new year Ellen. May your year be healthy and peaceful. I am always happy to read here.

  2. I worry about feral cats and their destruction of birds and lizards, etc. We have one here who is in excellent health as he/she prowels the neighborhood. No collar and I wish I could catch it, but I have severe cat allergies, so not willing to venture that.

  3. So much, same-same, here and there. The camellias, roses, feral cat, grandchildren, silent pleas to unidentified gods for a better year.

  4. Happy MMXX, Ellen! My year was much like yours (minus children and grandchildren).

    The photo of your turtle pond reminded me that on New Year's Day, a young woman told me that she had seen a turtle (!) in the marsh I look at from my porch. Red-eared Sliders have been introduced into local ponds and lakes.

    It is always a joy to see what is blooming in your garden!

  5. My kinda girl! Look at all that whipped cream. I've taken up spending the change, too. My wallet is so much lighter.

  6. Your grandgirl is a poppet! I think last year was challenging for just about everyone I have talked to. This year has a better feel to it, so let's hope it sticks.

  7. Happy New Year, darlin. I'm a bit optimistic and sort of hoping things will change for the better. We will see. Take it east and have fun.

  8. Yep, 2019 was just a bugger and I'm glad it's gone. Here's hoping the orange cheeto gets voted out. I do not envy the job the Democrat who displaces him will face.

  9. 2019 was a weird year for me, but I think I landed in a good place. Once resolution I have for 2020 is to NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO MAKE CHRISTMAS GIFTS!! So stressful - took all the joy out of spending time with family. I'm glad to have that behind me! And I'm glad that your health issues are under control!

  10. Oh yeah, I am definitely looking forward to November in the hopes that we can set this ship right.

    I always spend my change! I think the people who get annoyed are the same idiots who throw their change in the trash or the tip jar -- but you know, it adds up! (I'm much less bothered by the tip jar than the trash.)


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