Monday, January 20, 2020

weekend activities

I've done almost nothing for the last two days and not getting much done so far today. My sister Pam and I went to Roots and Relics in Rosenberg Saturday to check out a new vendor who has taken over the patio area with talavera pottery and colorful metal yard sculptures and decorations from Mexico. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures and neither did Pam but there was lots of cool stuff, some kinetic sculptures, one of which was an octopus and it's arms rotated. You might remember that Roots and Relics is the store that the woman who had Miss Hattie's Antique Store here in Wharton where Pam and I both worked. She went into partnership with another woman and they opened that venue in Rosenberg that gets way more traffic than Wharton and then closed the store in Wharton shortly after the tornado came through in early 2017 and blew half the roof off. The only other things I accomplished on Saturday was washing the dishes that had stacked up, plus it was a rainy day (and the new downspout is doing its job).

I did wear my new shirt on Saturday as it was very warm that day and now I'm looking for a simple long sleeve shirt of an appropriate color to wear under it in the winter. 

My friend Joanne Noragon of Cup On TheBus made it. She not only made the shirt, she wove the fabric it's made from and she also makes the most luscious cotton kitchen towels and sells them on her blog so if you don't know Joanne, you should check it out.

Sunday was cold and sunny but also windy which made it unpleasant to be outside for long but I went out several times for long enough to pull up handfuls of clover and to walk the dog who was up for a longer walk even with the wind which she doesn't usually care for. The squirrels or some critter finally ate the pecans so I set more out and they were gone this morning.

The other thing I did Sunday was to finally glue the broken art piece back together, the one I accidentally knocked off the wall with the broom handle a while back.

I managed to glue back all but four tiny pieces of the ones I was able to salvage.

I know where the rounded one on top goes but it's almost paper thin and I don't think there is enough contact for the glue to hold it. I know where the little piece bottom left goes also but there is a sliver missing and so the contact point is very small, like the head of a pin, and there will still  be a gap between the pieces and the one bottom right I haven't figured out where it fits. The last chip is off the back somewhere I think. I might, after the glue has had time to cure, use my little diamond grinding bit to round some of the more obvious broken points.

I ought to be getting out my model making or modeling glass stuff and get started on a few things in case we do do the discussed spring open house but it's already after noon and I have to leave at 4:40 for yoga tonight and I'm really into the book I'm reading so after I pull up a handful or two of clover I may just settle down with it.


  1. You would be a great person to help with the terracotta soldiers in China!

  2. Good job with the glue! I'm impressed with your tenacity.

  3. Looks nice, Ellen. Thanks for modelling. Your reconstructed art looks good, too. It will all make it together, or slip away to the waste basket.

  4. I'm so glad you got that shirt! It looks great on you and must be a dream to wear.
    Did the place selling Talavera have any sinks?

    1. no sinks, just pots and birdbaths and some other decorative items.

  5. The shirt looks great on you. Perfect fit!

  6. Wow! Good job putting all that together again! It looks really good. You have a lot of patience! The shirt looks great too.

  7. Such teeny tiny pieces. I wouldn't worry too much about them but you did do a pretty darned good job of getting it back together. The sun has been hiding behind the clouds most of the time and I paid for going outside and pulling some weeds by getting Cedar Fever. Almost ended up in the ER with breathing problems. My family doctor took me in when I showed up at his office last Friday. I couldn't breath. He gave me a breathing treatment and an inhaler. I'm getting better.

  8. I love that shirt! I'd probably look for a purple long sleeved T, but you might have better luck with the cream or green.

    You did a GREAT job gluing that back together! So much patience!

  9. Lovely shirt. And well done with the repair job.


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