Sunday, January 5, 2020

crazy people

The other day the son of the crazy woman who owns the lot next to us came over to mow and cut up the catalpa tree on the corner of the open shed that fell over several months ago. Then he was out there with a metal detector trying to find the metal stake at the front of the property that marks the property line and he was looking in the wrong spot, figuring it would be across from the fence line of the shop property across the street. Originally, the lot next to us belonged to the people who owned my house but for reasons unknown to me, they sold it to Frank of the Bountiful Garden whose property was on the other side of the lot. Frank didn't want to buy the tallow trees on the property line so the original owner retained 5', meaning we own the 5' adjacent to our property. This was news to her son and he finally conceded he would have to get someone out there to find the actual property line in preparation of putting up the fence. I'm pretty sure this is news to the crazy one as well and all this time she's been thinking we have not been respecting the property line, hence the fence between us, I guess. Or who knows what motivates her as far as we're concerned. I have to admit that I wish I could have been a bug on the wall to see her reaction when he told her. Don't you know she went nuts learning we owned 5' of property that she thinks should be hers.

And speaking of crazy people, the madman in the White House has kicked the hornets nest by assassinating the second most powerful man in Iran. For reasons. Trump is a proven liar and governments lie when they want to go to war (Iraq being our most recent example) and so I do not believe a word Trump or anyone in his administration or any of his Republican supporters says about Soleimani and his plans to attack US embassies and bases especially since defense officials dispute Trump's claim. So Soleimani was evil. So is Putin, so is Erdogan, so is Kim Jong Un, so is the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Netanyahu and all the other dictators Trump so admires and in fact he alerted Putin of his intention and not Congress who has the sole power to authorize an act of war.

Not satisfied with this stupid thoughtless stunt all because Trump and his minions can't tolerate the achievements of a black man, and asked if he had an exit strategy for the events that will surely follow, he replied “I don't need an exit strategy”; Trump has threatened to bomb 52 cultural and heritage sites in Iran, 52 non-military targets. This is a war crime. Not surprisingly, our allies that Trump has spent the last three years shitting on do not support the impulsive assassination of Soleimani with no thought as to the consequences that has already endangered their own service people abroad and Trump can't understand why not while Pompeo actually said he expected the Iranians to rejoice over Soleimani's death.

And who are we to claim righteousness? How many innocent lives have we ended in our quest for oil and conquest of the world? We destroyed Iraq under false pretenses, over half a million Iraqis dead, their infrastructure destroyed, the economy decimated, caused it to fall into anarchy and terrorism, not to mention the 30,000+ maimed American soldiers, all because Dick Cheney had a hard on for Iraqi oil.

Trump has fulfilled his own prediction/tweets about Obama...a failing unpopular (and in this case impeached) president would start a war with Iran to get re-elected.

Welcome to 2020. And I thought 2019 was fucked up.


  1. As I keep saying- whenever I think, "Well, that's it. That's as low as he can go," he goes lower. And things get worse.

  2. Soleimani wiped.out ISIS. That fact is not advertised.

  3. And, now what? Iraq has told us to get out------rightfully so!-----and Pompous is ignoring that? So, what, is Iraq now a colony of ours? I thought our orange nut had a big thing about borders? But not where others are concerned, huh? Another distraction on his part. And, when I saw your title, Crazy People. I immediately thought "Republicans"!

  4. So how is the assassination of an important general averting danger from the American people?

    Is he really thinking that Iran is now shaking with fear?

    Ok so your crazy neighbour has a less crazy son. I hope that goes for good news.

  5. Mike & I struggle to figure out our property line too (we rent), but the worst thing we do is mow our neighbor’s grass. (Well, there was the time I trimmed my neighbor’s forsythia - shame on me!).

    I am so angry with Trump. I’m holding onto a slim hope that saner heads will prevail. But not holding my breath.

  6. The shit storm has started the the dumbasses in DC have no idea how to stop it. We're fucked.

  7. I ran into the wall, I tripped down the stairs, I spilled the soup, and that is how the year will continue, atom bombs in the back yard, ignorant Americans supporting the Orange Gas, I just hope that we are ground zero! That is what our fight has come to...Not giving up entirely, mind you, not yet, just ...prepared for the worst. Ducks in a row, basement cleaned out. dishes combed, clean underwear, lookin good for the so called judgement day...

  8. I am surprised at how unphazed some Americans are in this. They go on with their gifts and their binge shows and their games. So sad. I remember Texas and its wierd land owners.

  9. Every time I think it can't get worse...


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