Wednesday, January 29, 2020

now that we've closed the lid on Pandora's box, progress is being made

Besides the whole plumbing replacement that went on last week, Saturday Rocky worked replacing the subfloor in the hamper/water heater closet that had become rotten from the dryer on the other side of the wall that was vented through the wall and through the floor of the closet straight down underneath the house causing the damp air to eventually rot the subfloor around it. Now the dryer is vented to the outside. That's the last thing that needed repair I think. He still has to remove the large ugly fluorescent light fixture like you would see in an office from the ceiling (done) and move the wiring to the wall where the new light fixture will be centered above the mirror.

Monday the green board around the tub went in 

and yesterday the sheetrock in the rest of the room went in and started on the tape and float. 

I made another trip to Lowe's to look at their roll vinyl and pencil tile and Floor and Decor to return all the samples I knew I wasn't going to use. I've decided on what tile I want to use. I've looked at tile at Lowe's, F & D, and another place in Bay City where I got the tile for the little bathroom when we did it and haven't found anything I like better than what I've got here. Still not sure of the flooring, down to two floating plank  (right)  and the other roll vinyl (left) which I'm sort of leaning towards.


What I haven't decided is how I'm going to use the tile. I've been drawing elevations with both the blue and the flower border at the top but I'm not sure I like it so I'm going to draw up some different arrangements. Maybe drop the blue tile band some but not in the middle. I've never cared for that, to have an accent band through the middle of a shower.


I have no idea what color to paint the walls which are just going to be sheetrock in the rest of the room, probably just an off-white. I decided against the bead board (so far) as being too much of a good thing.

And the vanity was delivered yesterday but I haven't opened the boxes yet. Maybe today. Or not since I have my watercolor class today.

Speaking of watercolor class, this is what we did last week. A monotone of a woodsy landscape

and the sky part of a beach scene which we will work on today. 

I was a little distracted last week because of the whole bathroom thing and my impending trip to look at tile so I'm not best pleased with these. But as I used to tell my students when we taught that they are there to learn a technique, not create a masterpiece.

We'll see how today goes.


  1. I agree - I like the vinyl better too. And I love both accent pieces, however you use them. I think your watercolors are great, but I'm just looking with my layperson's eyes, not your eyes of art :)

  2. Loving the new bathroom! You'll figure out what you like best. Can't wait to see your new vanity.
    And that beach scene is going to be terrific.

  3. I really like your watercolors. The one of the woods is the color of the willows in spring down at the San Bernard refuge, and the sky in the second reminds me of some of O'Keeffe's very late abstracts, when her sight was going and she was having to turn minimalist more significantly than she ever had. Well done!

  4. At this point, all I can think is Better you Than me. Although I did survive the setting of a new toilet last week.

  5. That is a good line to remember. "You are here to learn a technique, not create a masterpiece."
    I can think of a few times when that sentence would have made a difference! Have a good Thursday.

  6. If we ever get our act together and redo the bathrooms - would you please come and do the design and the decision making for us?

  7. I never liked the tile stripe across the middle of a shower, either. It reminds me of a belt. I do love that pencil tile!

  8. I'm with Susan. Not a fan of the stripe. Your water colors look good. I never knew how much technique is involved in water color painting.

  9. I like those tiles, for what it's worth! Especially that top band.


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