Thursday, April 12, 2018

tile hell

The rain stopped and it warmed up and I shook off my malaise and drove to Bay City on Tuesday to order tile. And fell into tile hell. The woman that helped me after Julie brushed me off (I guess she was tired of my indecision) agreed that the tile for the floor was going to make the shower too dark if I used it there and I couldn't find anything lighter besides subway tile which I didn't really want and turns out no one makes linear tile 3/4” - 1” wide and about 6” - 8” long that I wanted for a border around the hex tiles. So, deflated and defeated I told her I would go ahead and order the tile for the floor and she wouldn't let me!

I don't like to turn away business, she says, but I want you to be happy with your choices. You're going to Home Depot tomorrow to get your sink (I was) so look and see what they have. They buy in larger quantities than I can and have better prices.

So she sent me away with the samples I have been holding on to plus two more. I returned home sullen and discouraged and stomped around the rest of the day and night...I can't do this!!!

Wednesday morning I had worked my way to a grudging acceptance of subway tile for the shower and took off for Rosenberg and Home Depot where I found 12” x 12” matte white tiles with a hint of gray (it's a touch whiter than it looks in the picture) by the same company that makes the tile I want to use for the floor and half the price. Score! I didn't buy it because I didn't have my figures with me but I'm getting that for the shower and will get the other tile I have chosen for the floors (bathroom, small hall, and closet across from the bathroom) from the tile place. 

So one more major decision made. Now all that's left is deciding on a mirror/medicine cabinet combo, light fixture, and faucet and I think all the decisions and purchases will be made, not just for the bathroom but all the rooms that flooded. Well, except for talking my glass artist friend into making the linear tiles out of fused glass for me that I need. So now I'm once again headed to Rosenberg and Home Depot.


  1. You should send that woman a thank-you note!
    One day this will all be done and over with. I promise.

  2. Easy to get the second-guess heebie jeebies when ordering permanent things like tile. I became positively light headed when the kitchen floor went in years ago.

  3. Excuse this old Eastener, but I had no idea there is a Rosenberg Texas. I thought you were making some sort of unfathomable joke about Home Depot, and I kept waiting for it to come to me. Fortunately nothing dropped, and I googled Rosenberg Texas. I suppose you had to be here, inside my brain. It's about seventy today, and I'm giddy.

    1. You would have driven through Rosenberg had you come down I-59.

  4. Paint, wallpaper and tile. Horrible to have to choose. Oh, and picking out fabric for furniture and looking for a new car too. I just don't like to do those things. I bet you'll be thrilled when it's all over.

  5. So tile hell turned into tile heaven? There you are then. And, as you say, the end is in sight.
    Do say thank you to the tile shop lady who pointed you in the right direction, she deserves it.

  6. Home Depot is one place where you get almost everything (in bulk)

  7. Like the pattern in the small tiles. I used to work putting it in.

  8. From hell to heaven. Aren't you lucky, you don't need new wallpaper.


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