Friday, April 27, 2018

counting down the days

I had a rude awakening last night emailing with my Canadian friend who is traveling on the same flight to Portugal as me, when she commented after I sent her my arrival time in Toronto, “I hope you don't get held up by Customs” since if my plane lands on time I will have only an hour and ten minutes til take-off, much less til boarding.

Shit! Damn and fuck, I didn't even think about freaking Customs when I made my reservations (in my defense, there was a lot going on around here back when I made my reservations). I'm hoping that arriving at 10 PM on a Tuesday night that there won't be a crowd. My friend did some quick research and sent me a link to download an e-declaration app that will help speed me on my way but it could still be a close thing.

Since my birthday is on Monday, the day before I leave, the day I'll hopefully already be completely prepared for traveling and won't be stressing out, we went to the movies today to see Avengers Infinity War to celebrate, and so no spoilers but at the end, I'm like WHAT?! 

It will help that I'm not leaving really early on Tuesday like I usually schedule, so no having to get up well before dawn to get to the airport on time. And I sent Rocky packing last Wednesday morning so I didn't have to deal with construction the rest of the week but I did pick up the rest of the tile and bought the mirrored cabinet for above the sink.

I'm mostly packed except for the clothes I've been wearing this week and still have a lot of room in my suitcase so I may try the smaller bag. We'll see. I'm always conflicted about how to pack for unfamiliar weather...mid-50s to low outdoor wear more lightweight long sleeve shirts than short sleeve, one casual dress, one long skirt, more long pants than shorts, a fleece vest. It should do.


  1. It'll all work out. It always does. And I am so glad you're going to go on this awesome trip.
    And hey- the rose you sent me is putting out new growth. It excites me so much. Thank you again.
    Now. Have FUN!

  2. That's a close connection but I think you'll be fine. Whatever happens, it's all part of the adventure!

  3. Happy Birthday and I hope you get the gift of everything going well on your flight and a quick run thru in customs.

  4. You have been on screech, as we say in New England. Good to push pause on the construction - you have accomplished so much already and now need time to regroup before your trip. It often seems for me that I love the idea of a trip; then when it comes to getting ready to go I am sorry I planned the trip; but once I am where I am going I am always glad I went. May the same be true for you. Happy Birthday!

  5. Here's how to walk: butt out, stomach in, shoulders back, chin up, eyes ahead; heel, toe, heel, toe, and you're there. Then you'll be in Portugal, having a wonderful time.

  6. I am sure it will work out.

    Download an airport map on your phone to avoid walking in the wrong direction. Or fake an injury and book a pick-up transfer. (I admit, I did that once and was whizzed across terminals in a large golf cart, people stared and I almost died with shame.)

    Whatever, the adventure will be all yours. Until you write about it here.


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