Tuesday, April 24, 2018

another day in the life

Rocky and Bill the plumber showed up early yesterday morning and got the drain to the sink done and whatever else was needed to start putting the shower liner in and the purple backing board which is a puzzle of the first magnitude considering the trapezoidal shape of the shower. Rocky and I had a little discussion yesterday morning about this last week before I leave and I told him that I had let go of any expectations for progress which was a relief for us both especially since he has a very seriously ill family member so anything he gets accomplished is good enough. He and his helper (Gunner is on a different job) got the liner in and the purple backing board up. The tiles are just laid in there for looks. 

Not sure what is on the agenda for today but apparently nothing since Rocky, Gunner, and the new helper came early, rummaged through the tools and took off. “I'm gonna get these two started at (somewhere else) and then I'll be back." That was about 2 hours ago. And no sooner than I typed that, he showed up. Wainscoting goes in today.

I drove out to Bay City to pick up the all the rest of the tile yesterday but I misunderstood that they were going to go get it on Monday, not that it was all going to be there on Monday and so whoever had gone to Houston to pick up the tiles for the floor wasn't back yet. The little hex tiles were there so I brought them back but now I have to make one more trip out there. That's about the only thing I got accomplished yesterday.

The weather continues to be cool/warm, clear blue sky, and low humidity...our lovely spring days. Walking the dog along the road beside the agricultural field I'm seeing things I hadn't noticed before, likely brought by the flood, like some coreopsis, blue pimpernel, 

a cornflower, and this native clematis.

Small list of trip related errands to attend to today since they didn't get done yesterday. One week left before I leave.


  1. My buds are finally swelling. Flowers come soon.

  2. So beautiful.
    And I sure bet you'll be glad when those wheels leave the ground for your trip.

  3. Gorgeous blooms and happy progression goes on.

  4. Everything will get done eventually. It was good of you to let Rocky off the hook seeing as he is going through a difficult time. Get your packing done and think of the fun days ahead on your trip. You need the break.

    1. Yeah, I think I'm going to send him packing tomorrow til I get back. I can't pay attention to getting ready and supervise the construction. today it became apparent and no sense in him doing things he's going to have to redo later.

  5. I'm getting excited for your trip - I plan to live vicariously through you since I don't know when we'll be taking another trip.

  6. I cannot concentrate on more than one thing at a time, and barely on one these days. Good idea to let it go and just get packed. I hope you are dragging us along on your trip. I've never been to Portugal, but it's on my Bucket List.

  7. That clematis looks very similar to one we have in our garden -- though the flower on your native variety is more bell-shaped. As for letting go of your expectations for the time being -- it feels good, I bet! That shower IS an interesting shape.

  8. You deserve a vacation. You have been coordinating and running around lots since the flood. Looking forward to your travel photos with that artistic eye.


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