Tuesday, April 10, 2018

four days

Four days. That's how long I've been a useless slug. Monday was cold and drizzly. All fucking day. Not cold cold but in the 50s and 60s and 100% humidity what with water coalescing out of the air and such. Not cold enough to justify turning on the heater but borderline. An hour before I was due to pick up my sister for yoga, I called.

How invested are you in going to yoga tonight?” I'm the driver since her house is on the way.

I could not go” she replied, “or I could go.”

We chatted for a while longer about how miserable the weather is, the main deterrent to going. About how inactive we've I've been these past four days. But truth to tell, I have four parameters that affect my willingness to drive to the next town over for yoga...cold, rain, wind, and dark. There has to be three out of the four for me to not feel guilty about not going to yoga and today there were only two...cold and rain however slight the rain was.

OK,” I sighed, “I'll pick you up at the regular time.” Even though I could just as easily have taken a nap. Actually, I'm glad I went. Monday is usually a small class and we kept it low key which sometimes is exactly what is needed.

Also Monday Rocky and Gunner installed the flooring and baseboards in the back bedroom. Still needs the shoe mold which will go in today and then I think Rocky is going to close up the temporary opening to the garage from the closet, finally making the house closed off from the outside but of course that means they will now have to go through my studio room to work on the bathroom and finish out the little hall and closet.

Since I did not drive to Bay City to deal with the tile yesterday, that is my goal for today which has dawned with an almost clear sky and a promise of warming up even though I don't expect Bill the plumber to show til next week. Still, best to have everything on hand and towards that I was notified that my pedestal sink is ready for pick-up. Wednesday's chore.


  1. I feel completely sluggish and slug-like today. It's chilly here now and raining. Well, drizzling at the moment. Maybe I'll make a curtain today...
    I don't know. It's one of those days where I just wish I could hibernate.

    1. I guess the weather we've been having finally made its way over to you.

  2. Bravo for getting to yoga! It can be hard when the weather is yucky. Believe me, I face that issue all the time. (Not with yoga, but with walking the dog and such...)

  3. We have had spring arrive in the form of wind. Texas is currently blowing across Albuq. followed in the evening by a bit of Colorado. I have to get out early in the morning just to be able to do anything outside because otherwise, let's just say if I wasn't so weighty, I'd be a resident of Arizona or Mexico.

  4. Everyone face this issue. Once i get up from bed and start doing my work i will feel ok to go for a walk. Getting up from the bed will be a great problem for me:)

  5. In the last week and a half I've ploughed through four Pulitzer prize novels of hundreds of pages each. Get up, feed the cat, eat breakfast, open a book until Laura comes home. The malaise seems shore to shore.

  6. it is hard to slug those slugs. LOL They are so sneaky

  7. Well there are days when . . . so what!

  8. Agree with Sabine. But kudos to you and your sis, I guess. I am in slug mode too, but am forced to be.


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