Monday, April 16, 2018

more flowers and another view

Since you may be as tired of rebuilding posts as I am here's another spring photo dump. I'd write and post about my art and work but I basically haven't engaged in that since the house flooded at the end of August last year. The few little feather pieces I did before the December open house had already had their models made before Harvey. I've made one model since then, one, in the last in the last 7 1/2 months. And it sits still waiting. Too hard to concentrate on model making or the rest of the process with ongoing construction. Hell, I'm not even drawing, not even little sketches in the brand new sketch book with my brand new colored pencils that I bought last December. I may have to ditch the 'artist' nomenclature. Odd not to be drawing at least since I have spent so much of my life sketching and drawing the full size patterns for the etched and carved glass. I don't miss doing that work, the etched glass, but I would like to get back to being a little creative. If only the house would get finished. Still can't even get to the kiln.

I have never seen the dandelions so profuse, the entire yard looked like this

nun's orchid

clasping leaved coneflowers in full bloom in the mini wildflower meadow

larkspur and love-in-a-mist


german verbena

miniature gladiolas

One last photo or two of the back bedroom for Sabine who asked about the light. All the pictures I have taken have been from the same vantage point at the other end of the room. There is another small window that faces east that never shows. The etched glass windows face south but because light expands when I photograph them, it makes the rest of the room look dim so here are a few pictures taken about 11 AM looking the other way.

The doorway opens to the small hall with the bathroom on the right and the closet on the left and the door to the rest of the house.


  1. The house is looking great! I know we've talked about this before, but it's so interesting how your love-in-a-mist is pink and white, and ours is blue. I love that orchid!

  2. Oh, that room is so lovely and light! And thank you for the flowers - spring, color, anything living seems to be so far away here. I hope you get your creative mojo back. Dealing with so much upheaval must be hellish.

  3. You are getting into the end of the building. You will be so glad, I am sure. Your flowers are easily two weeks ahead of mine. I might post the dogwoods on my other blog.

  4. There are lots of windswept daffodils up. That's their job. I've seen very few hyacinths, or any other spring flower. And the cowardly dandelions aren't profuse, either.

  5. You have a lot more flowers than I do and I love seeing the ones you post.

  6. Gorgeous flowers. We just had two freezes in a row. Damn.

  7. Beautiful! You're just in a fallow season - I'm sure that when the construction is over you'll be back to your usual creativity. Or not - and that's ok!

  8. But you have been and are being so creative in recovering and making everything beautiful and repaired after the floods

  9. What a beautiful room, hope you will be able to move back in soon.

    I will not remark on your gorgeous flowers because (ha!) spring is in full swing here, too. At last.


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