Wednesday, April 18, 2018

as Rosanne Rosannadanna's daddy used to say, “it's always something”

Rocky's in there working on the shower drain and it is not going as planned. Looks to be bordering on catastrophic but what do I know. Bill the plumber showed up last Monday with the small jackhammer for Rocky and then promised to be back today or tomorrow to fix the drain to the sink which should have been done when they replaced all those galvanized pipes. So far haven't seen him today.

On the upside the flooring place in Bay City with the very nice people did find and order the rest of the tile so yay that. It should all be in on Friday. And I talked to my friend Gene the glass fuser about making the border tiles which would be no problem and I was going to meet him at the wholesaler to pick out the glass this morning but he told me I should check at Floor & Decor first, a huge warehouse of flooring including tile and they had this, 1/2” wide of varying lengths of blue glass linear tile

and while darker than the paint chip it is the same color family and while I'm not thrilled by the 2” lengths, it will do just fine so there's another step forward. Now to draw the layout of the tiles for the floor for when Rocky gets to that point.

They also had this display up which I nearly swooned over.

So what do y'all think, one width of blue tile between or two?

floor plan

In other aspects of my life I'm starting to get ready for my trip now instead of waiting til the last two days before I leave as is my usual wont. I got a new backpack yesterday to that end and in true Ellen fashion I was having second thoughts about my choice last night during those wee hours when I am usually awake which is fine for airline travel but seems a bit big to schlep around for day trips.

Too many fucking decisions to make in too short a time. I think I'll go get my hair cut and mark something else off the travel list. No decision there as I get it cut the same way every time.


  1. I try not to make more than one decision a day. My brain can't handle any more than that.

    I do like that blue border between the tiles.

    Don’t overthink and go on your trip and enjoy.

  2. I like the line definition with two.

  3. Yeah, two.
    I cannot advise backpack. I was told to take a string back to Europe and wash underwear every night. Easy to fly onto trains that way, I was told.

  4. I'm going with the one line of blue - and OMG, that display! I want it on my wall! I've come to the realization that nothing that involves other people is every easy. I was there with you, in the wee hours, listening to the unhelpful loop of unhelpful thoughts, whizzing by. I usually get up and knit to put order back in my world. The backpack is fine - have fun.

  5. Depends how much stuff you put into the backpack. Back in the days, we logged these massive square ones around Europe, hitchhiking and sleeping on the beaches and look what it did to us. Best of times.

  6. I like one line. But that's just me.
    You fret like I do before trips. The backpack question would slay me. Could you get a very light, small daypack for outings? How about a backpack purse?

  7. Putting my 2 cents in - I like one line of blue.

    I would overthink the pack too. Live with it? Get a smaller lighter one that will roll up in the big one? Just get a smaller one? I'm no help!

  8. I like one line better, too. Can't wait to see photos of the bathroom finished! As to the other decisions, I can't even offer an opinion. I'm sure all will work out all right for you.

  9. I often credit Roseanne Roseannadanna herself with that line, but you're right -- she was quoting her daddy, wasn't she?

    I love the tiles either way!

  10. Hate to be washy, but both look fine to me. I remember the year(s) we built our houses and I got so tired of decisions. They are important though, because you are stuck with them for decades.


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