Friday, October 10, 2014

models (yeah, again) and the selfie

So, here's the finished model from the last post. I'm totally into the stippling for texture on these last ones.

I'm working on the last 6” x 6” model now. Each one of these is so different I need to come up with a strategy every time it seems. This one is from a picture I saved off the internet and I have no idea what kind of flower it is. Here's the pic. Anyone know what this is?

Here's my progress so far.

I try to get a few chores done in the morning or very early afternoon because once I start working on the models, I'm there till 7 PM or so, getting up now and then to rest my eyes and collect pecans.

one cubic foot of pecans so far this year

Tomorrow is the annual Wine and Art Fair on Monterrey Square. Attendees will be able to sample and buy wine and craft beer and view art in different locations and of course there will be food vendors and a band. It will be a very long day for me as I have to open the antique store at 10 AM and the fair starts at 4 PM and runs til 10 PM. I'll have help as the other two employees will be there as well as some of the vendors so I needn't stay the whole 12 hours.

Since I agreed to set up a display of our art again this year at the store and I have done everything nothing to prepare for that, that's what I'm doing today, rummaging around in the shop trying to come up with something.


  1. love the latest botanicas! good luck tomorrow! i'm tired just thinking about it. :)

  2. I dropped the picture into the google images search & found where you got it from (I love that feature):

    Apparently it's a cyclamen. Interesting!

    Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Your model reminds me of an artichoke.

  4. Laura used stippling in one of her art lessons and told me it takes too much time, better to do it at home.
    How many pecans is that, shelled out? A pound or two? Enough for several pies? I love pecans!

  5. We are battling the blue jay, crows and squirrels for our pecans. I think that means a rough winter ahead.

    Your work is stunning.

  6. I adore your stippling. It is that extra care to detail that make your work stunning. Love what you do.
    Have fun with the "festival" atmosphere. Oma Linda

  7. As per usual, your latest pieces are amazing.
    I envy you your pecans. I remember by grandfather in Oklahoma sitting at the kitchen table, shelling pecans for my grandmother and future chocolate chip cookies.

  8. It's been too, too long. These new pieces are gorgeous. I thought it looked like a passion flower, too, but what it is surely isn't any more wonderful than what it's going to be, once you get done with it.

  9. Here I thought I was going to be so clever and The Bug beat me to the process. (I love that feature also!) Very lovely flower for sure and you do it justice with your art.


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