Tuesday, October 7, 2014

the last 10 days in pictures

Besides the visit from the heron.

Not necessarily in sequential order but in alphabetical order mostly...

I love the baby anoles. This one hasn't been hatched for very long.

The confederate rose has started blooming. Just one or two a day right now.

The crepe myrtles shed their bark in the fall. Thin layers curl up revealing red fresh bark underneath.

She's back! Or else she was so well hidden that neither Marc nor I could find her for two days. And looking quite svelte I might add. Much slimmer so I guess she has laid her eggs.

The mist flower is putting on a nice show this year. The little sprigs I brought over from the city house years ago have grown to a decent size. It will continue to spread.

These inverted mushrooms appeared in the yard one day after a rain.

The mature pecans are falling decently now.

The sparrows have been mobbing the birdbath.

I was trying to get a picture of the spiderweb but the stupid camera kept focusing on the ground.

The surprise lilies are up. I always forget where they are and they always surprise me. There is a small clump on the side of the house and a new little clump out by the turtle pond and the mistflower that I planted. I found some bulbs I had brought over and never planted and couldn't remember what they were so I just stuck them there in the ground and forgot about them. The bloom stalk shoots up out of the ground very quickly in the fall before the foliage appears and you don't notice them til they open, hence the name surprise lily, though some people refer to them as hurricane lilies because they bloom after late in the season hurricanes.

The swamp lily in front bloomed this year. It is getting crowded out by the century plant whose big gray green frond(?) that is.

The morning glory bush is one of my favorites. It roots easily from cuttings.

I've also been working on a model, one of the 6” square ones. I'm working on this one a little differently. Instead of stacking all the layers at once and then carving and finishing them, I am carving and finishing each layer as I go. This design has some small recessed parts in tight areas and I was concerned about being able to get to them and this seems to be working out very well. I still have the forward section of the petals to do (3 layers) and the background of the petals.


  1. Everything you posted a picture of- we have. It all looks so familiar! "Surprise Lilies"! What a great name! Of course, we do call them hurricane lilies but I can completely understand why you would call them surprise. They are tenfold this year what they usually are.

  2. i've seen folks call those spider lilies. my sis stole/planted some bulbs for me last fall. only one has come up this fall, but i'm glad to have it. loved your anole and ms. praying mantis. :)

  3. I was trying to get a picture of the spiderweb but the stupid camera kept focusing on the ground...
    I hate it when that happens. I've tried switching to aperture priority, with limited success. I think when band season gives over I'll take some classes.
    That said, all is lovely, including the ground through the spider web.

  4. Some nice flowers, lilies are a favorite. My yard is still blooming, but a frost isn't far away.

  5. as always, I am taken by the plants you are able to grow in your yard. I don't have anything blooming in mine right now except mums....boring old mums. But we did plant an oak and someday I'll have acorns......maybe

  6. I love your wild kingdom and all its residents.

    Love you eye. You notice.

  7. We still have some roses and I've seen a few frogs, but we're mostly done with the wildlife around here (well, except for the birds - ha!). Love your new model!

  8. Your place is nothing short of magical with all of that wonderful flora and fauna. Lovely.

  9. The inverted mushrooms look like pottery.

    Everything is starting to dry up here.

  10. What a great collection of images. You have so much beauty around you and the fine eye which finds it. I love the anole.. they are just so cute. And I'm glad you're able to keep and eye on the praying mantis again. Perhaps she just lays elsewhere.

  11. Here we are shutting down for autumn and winter, there’s nothing new except a last few roses and Michaelmas daisies.

    Yours are lovely flowers, so vibrant for this time of year.


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