Tuesday, October 21, 2014

onward through the fog

Well, I see I had already covered that voter ID ground before...twice and just last July. No wonder so few of my vast barely interested audience read it. Oh there she goes again on that subject. Especially since I said essentially the same thing as before. Oh well. I'll try to remember that in the future.

I seem to be doing that a lot lately. What with the models and the pecans.

The brain, she forgets.

So. What else?

I finished cleaning out the garage today that I started yesterday and swept out all the daddy long legs cobwebs and many daddy long legs went to meet their maker but not by intent. It was the broom. Really, all I did was put some stuff away, throw some stuff away, moved some stuff around, and sweep. Swept out the aforementioned cobwebs and a mountain of leaves. OK, maybe not a mountain but definitely a small hill.

Then I finished the finish work of the finished small botanicas and discovered I didn't have as much to do as I thought. So now the frames are ready and 5 pieces are ready so tomorrow I'm going to set them in their frames with silicone.

And yes, I finally finished the last of the models for the Botanica Eroticas. Now I have seven new models to cast. I expected to feel something...elation, relief, a let down, something. Nope, nada, nothing. I was just done.

And while there still seem to be plenty of pecans up in the trees, the main harvest is done. The huge wind and rain storm the Monday and Tuesday of last week sent pecans raining down almost faster than we could pick them up. Now we are getting a couple of handfuls a day. Shelling has commenced.

And, the home repair turned out to be pretty simple. A new washer in the water valve and new innards for the toilet.

So, I spent the day yesterday and Sunday putzing around in the yard until I finally surrendered to the mosquitos and fire ants and came in. Repotted some things, tidied up the Little Back Yard, trimmed the branches off the shrub outside my window that were rubbing against the eave of the roof, cleaned the filter for the turtle pond, got about a hundred fire ant bites, two splinters, one thorn, and a small cut.

Tomorrow I go see the dermatologist.


  1. very neat orchid-y thing. and very cool botanica. the skeeters have been bad here this week, too.

  2. Well, you should be proud for finishing.
    And frankly, we should all write about the voter laws more often. It's timely and it's important.
    You've certainly given the dermatologist a lot to look at.
    May all go well there.

  3. I was impressed with your passion about the voter ID mess and just didn't get around to telling you that yet - this day-job gig turns out to be time consuming! I have to tell you I've been concerned about your water problem; we had a drip from the ceiling here a couple years ago, not a lot of water but something was definitely wrong. It took us weeks to find it and was a fairly easy fix, though there was drywall to patch in three places by the time we were through. It could have been so much worse. I'm glad your problem was in the toilet and not in the pipes.

  4. First paragraph was funny. Ha.

  5. I'm going to the dermatologist tomorrow too! Hopefully both of our visits will be low key non-dramatic affairs :)

    Love that flower - very funky! And good for you for finishing!

  6. "Nope, nada, nothing. just done". Happens. I like it, if that helps.

  7. Hey, you are not the only one who pontificates and then does it again. I have done the same thing. It only means that you are conficted and that's a great thing. I don't say anything about things that can get me on the wrong side of most folks, not because I am shy but because, I let every one have their opinion as well. You are wonderful when you get a fire in your belly. I admire you very much.
    Your bontanica pieces are as always stunning.
    Sorry spending time in the great outdoors cost you a pound of fire ant bites.
    Great news on the bathroom rescue.
    Oma Linda

  8. I forget all the time whether I've written about things or not. I'm sure we all repeat ourselves! The good thing is, readers also forget what they've read -- so it all evens out.

    I personally am ALWAYS up for a good rant about unjust voter ID laws, so I appreciated that post.

  9. When things bite I get the most.Like that lily

  10. I read a long article on Texas voting skullduggery on Huff Post. Not exactly a liberal hotbed, is it?

    Apart from that how can you find time to set the world to rights as well as your own back yard? Not to mention your creative output. That piece is astonishing.

  11. You are work is very interesting. Have you done any series of underwater corals or crinoids or other?

  12. Mosquitoes are done here.. of course the frost has just begun.


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