Sunday, October 12, 2014

another encounter

This is the front door of our house. ya, needs repair and paint

I was sitting in the back part of the house in the big room earlier today where I work and spend most my time when I heard a loud crash sound.

What was that? I hollered to Marc in the living room.

The screen door, he hollers back.

I went into the living room and we both peered out the screen.

I wonder what that was, I said.

He looked down and said, The hawk! It's there on the step.

I looked down to see the red shouldered hawk which was looking up at us and he spread his wings and flew off.

As you can see, it's not easy for a bird to fly into that door, tucked into the corner and camouflaged by the yew tree.

This picture is from this summer when it came and tried to figure out how to take a bath in the turtle pond.


  1. How weird! Usually birds are better about seeing screens -- it's glass that causes them trouble. I've never heard of a hawk flying into a door! I think you have a somewhat clueless hawk. :)

  2. Maybe chasing a bird, some hawks drive them into buildings

  3. Looks like you have a new friend. I was relieved to read that he was able to fly off.

  4. wow, he or she must have been side tracked. The only thing our neighborhood hawk does is use my pine for it's dining room and leave dove feathers all over my front yard.

  5. Had a red shouldered hawk crash into one of my kitchen windows a couple of years ago. He was chasing a titmouse, I think. Both ended up on the lawn and then shook off their daze and flew away.

  6. Wow.. your hawk trumps my kingfisher! lol. I suppose it saw something prey-worthy there.


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