Friday, October 31, 2014

a new chapter, a big spot, and...can you guess?

do I have to mention/write about Halloween just because it's Halloween?

While I did make some wax sheets over at the new shop when I was doing all that model making, I guess you could say we are now officially back in business.

This week, we have been working on an actual job. Over there. In the shop.

I need to get the horseshoe nailed up.

I found the horseshoe on one of my many river trips on the Rio Grande in Big Bend. I had pulled over in my canoe to attend to some business and I found it laying in the scrub and sand, some poor mexican horse's lost shoe. The Rio Grande is no boundary to them and they cross over at will wherever it is shallow enough. I came across horses in the river and on the banks quite often, have even had them come through camp.

So, I figured, his bad fortune, my good fortune and I picked it up. I've considered it a gift of sorts.

Anyway, we finally started on the left-over commission from last spring. I worked in the new shop Wednesday and Thursday getting my part done cutting the stencil and doing the cream etch part (that usually comes after the sandblasting but this one is a little different). It is a different place but I liked working in there, at least with the bay doors open because it is so open to the outdoors. I'm sure it will be a different story this winter since the bay doors will be closed and there are only two small windows in the back wall.

It ain't pretty (yet) but it's functioning.

It seemed so big when we first got it. But now, after moving so much stuff over there, it doesn't look so big any more. Of course, we are really only inhabiting the double bay area and the big store room and the single bay somewhat right now. And after the first day or two of demolition and finding what I found in the inside part, I abandoned that for the time being.

Today, Marc is starting the sandblasting.

So, I got my stitches out last Wednesday and am glad of it. They were very annoying as I could see them in my peripheral vision and the sun glinted off them. Right now, it is a big ugly lumpy red spot. It got a little infected I guess. It was healing fine so after the first two days I forgot about the ointment I was supposed to be using. Monday night I noticed it was sore and red so I started using it again. Today, it is not quite as red perhaps but still big. Worse (visually) by quadruple than the carcinoma, which is clear now according to the second lab report.

The little bit of vanity I have has photoshopped it out.

One happy camper with a shop to work in.


  1. so, you've been given the all-clear on the carcinoma? yay!!!

    watch the infection, dearie. and glad you've got the new shop going!

  2. Ha! You photoshopped that out & I'm planning on posting how extremely ugly my rosacea is right now (urgh). I got the all clear from my biopsy. Woot to us!

  3. You know what I just realized? You have a beautiful nose.
    I am serious.

  4. Good for you, spreading out in the new space. I don't remember what you found in the rest of the building; but I hope it's overcome. Cannot photoshop it gone, damn.

  5. Good job photoshopping.

  6. It must be both exciting and a little disorienting to work in a new space. Being able to have the doors open in good weather sounds delightful.

  7. so glad that you're up and running in the new space.
    also glad you got the all clear on the skin stuff.
    now as to behaving yourself and keeping the incision clean....yep me too. I just get busy and forget stuff like that. be better than me and stick to it, eh?

  8. I am so happy that you are clear of the carcinoma. YAY! ::skippyhappydance::

    The new shop is awesome. I know how glad you are to have it. :)

    Please keep posting pics' of your beautiful self [photoshopping out red bumpies or not] because they bring us all such a smile. So pretty.

  9. maybe a skylight to bring in winter sun

  10. I also have several spotty things left here and there by the sun, getting fried in the summer in Wyoming my entire childhood and being so fair that I am nearly transparent...not a good combo. Glad you got your nose in shape for the next fifty or so years, glad you have a work space, wish you lived closer.

  11. Yikes woman! You've been through a lot and have a lot going on! The new shop looks good (and so do you!)

  12. I'm so glad that everything seems to be okay with the carcinoma. Photoshop is very forgiving that way. I see the horse shoe's good luck is already paying off.

  13. A gift of luck from an in-between place. I hope you found a cool place to nail that horseshoe.

    It seems I've been absent for a bit. I didn't know you got stitches. I'm glad they are out, and you are back at work.



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