Tuesday, November 4, 2014

election day blues

Today is election day, the last day to vote in this mid-term election. I am staying off FB today and not watching the TV, though Marc will turn it on, avoiding election news. I am fearful that all the predictions will come to pass, that the Republicans will take the Senate and hold the House. I fear that those crazy far right wingers like Greg Abbott and his ilk who think a racist pants shitting draft dodging coward who sings and brags about committing statutory rape and writes screeds about killing the president and loves to pose with his guns is a stand-up American will take our governorship and further grind Texas down into the ground. Greg Abbott, the man who did a stupid thing like jogging during a hurricane and sued the pants off everybody he could and got a multi-million dollar settlement after a tree fell on him and paralyzed him and then when he became Lt. Governor he passed tort reform so no one else could get the kind of settlement he did. If we thought Perry was bad, we are in for a world of hurt if Abbott and Patrick get in office. All people have to do is look around at how poorly the southern red states are doing to know that the policies that these Tea Party Republicans support only help rich white men.

OK, enough of that. It hurts my heart to see what is becoming of this country.

Yesterday, I had three things on my to-do list...dig up more grass, plant a plant, and work on some small models for the up-coming open house. I got two models done and a hole dug but did not get the plant planted because I decided I wanted to go to the feed store and get some bags of compost to mix in before I planted the pink angel trumpet. Also, no grass got dug up. But Marc did finish the sandblasting on the window. Haven't cleaned it off yet.

It was breezy and gusty yesterday and it once again was raining pecans. I picked up over two gallons worth and still the ground was covered. Surely I am getting close to my 100 pounds I am holding back to sell. 55¢ a pound for 100 pounds. My neighbor says they had to raise the price because no one was bringing them in. I now have 6.84 pounds of shelled nuts. Not counting the ones we have eaten already. The wholesalers will buy pecans up until January or February if they are still getting people bringing them in. I'll shell until I get sick of it or until January when I will sell all the remaining pecans.

All except for the bag on the far left (leftover from last year) is this years harvest...so far.

It's warm and overcast today and we might get a few rain showers but I suspect not. Perhaps tomorrow when the cold front moves in. The fall blooming tall orange cosmos which volunteered and spread from the four plants from last year are blooming nicely and I saw my first monarch in about two years flitting among them the other day.

Today besides avoiding the news, I will continue on with yesterday's chores. And since the local wholesale nursery has not opened it's little retail stand so far this fall I will have to drive further to get the pansies and sweet pea seeds I want.


  1. I love your latest art. It looks as if they may just run away!

    Wonderful pecan crop. The squirrels, crows, ground squirrels are having a ball choosing their pecans for the winter.

  2. oh the lizards are wonderful. So real looking that I kinda expect them to flick their tails and get movin'.

    I'm with you on the election mess. Cannot wait til all this mess is over with for a few months. My mailbox is saggin' from all the manure mailers and I won't recycle them into anything artsy because of the Karma that hangs onto each and everyone. But what a waste of resources, money and time....would be better spent on doing some good instead of spread hate and discontent. Have a great day, away.

  3. I always put in lots of cosmos for butterflies. I didn't see too many I really liked to vote for, but gave it my best. We had 2 running for senate who spent 30mil on annoying adds.

  4. I am sort of feeling like, "Well. I voted. I did what I myself could do. Now let the rest of the world do what it will."
    Your potential governor sounds like a horror. I hope with all my heart he does not get elected.
    Your lizards are just damn gorgeous. Your pecans are abundant, your life is rich.
    I admire you, Ellen Abbott. I really do.

  5. The lizards are amazing. I've never seen so many nuts. Pecans cost an absolute fortune here. Not being in the USA I'm not entirely sure how your electoral system works. It seems very complicated compared to ours. However extremists from whichever side are concerning as America plays a huge part in global politics.

  6. Your art is lovely and wold love to see where it is placed. There are some really strange people getting elected, but this is what American citizens want...wait until they get it.

  7. I love your lizards! ...and agree...

  8. Pretty cosmos! And I'm not very hopeful here in Ohio either. Sigh.

  9. The cosmos look nice. I tell myself if it all goes smash it could be an eye opener. Or not.

  10. Elections.. lizards and cosmos, oh my! Oh and pecans.. lots and lots of pecans.

    Love the art. I hope your elections turn out for the best.

  11. So many pecans!

    I was just reading the news about the elections. All I can say is...don't read it!

  12. Thanks for the uplifting flowers. I'm depressed this morning ~ looks like Maine has re-elected its idiot governor. I don't understand it here or at the national level - why isn't it a priority to pass laws that raise people up, give people a living wage and healthcare, and generally improve the quality of life for all people? The corporations and millionaires have won, at least for now.


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