Friday, November 28, 2014

what is up, comes down...and the selfie

I hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving gathering with family and/or friends yesterday.

We don't often get much fall color, none if it's a mild winter. To get fall color we have to have a front dip into freezing early on. Otherwise, the trees just give up their leaves when the days get short enough.

And so, we did get a dip into freezing last week and some of the trees have responded, those that still had leaves and are of the sort that loses it's leaves.

I posted a pick of one of my ginkgo trees before but this is the other.

This is what it looks like today.

We've been having fine weather the last several days and since I have all but finished the cold work on the six new castings, I've been able to run some errands that had been given second class status. I got the pecans sold, about 280 pounds worth...55¢ a pound for over 100 pounds. Still have the biggest box and the smallest box which are getting added to daily but it has now trickled down to a handful or so every time we go out plus the heavy leaf cover makes it harder to see them.

I also ran out to a peach orchard and left a note in the mailbox on the highway. They do have a small stack, about 8 logs, that looks like the same wood as the trees so I was hoping they would get my note and call. As it turned out, today while I was at the frame shop trying to cajole Margaret into doing these two little frames for me by Friday (which she is), I happened to ask her if she knew who owned the peach orchard on 1301 as I have asked nearly everyone I run across and she said yes! Turns out, it is the same people who run the pecan buyer/sellers that I had sold my pecans to. So I stopped in on my way back and asked about the wood and they said get what I wanted. So now I guess I'm going to have the top to the peach box made out of wood.

Sometimes the universe just wants you to get what you want.


  1. yay! gotta love when you already know the folks you need to know. :)

  2. It's good when it all comes together. Sorta heel clicking good.

  3. Your fall color is real nice to see, I am missing it here. I was driving in deep snow yesterday, but it sounds like fall again here today with high temps.

  4. Our trees are all leafless. You look relaxed.

  5. You are closing the circle on your new living area.

  6. Those ginkgo trees look like the sun was eating by leaves. So beautiful. And as bright at your face in the selfie. ;-)

  7. Love it when things work out like that. November is lovely in your world.. and so is the photographer.

  8. Excellent! I love the leaf pics too...


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