Sunday, November 16, 2014

botanicas, tropicals, and pecans

Cold, overcast, and drippy though it is supposed to get up to 62˚ today.

I'll be over in the shop filling the other finished molds later. I got one done last Friday, a sort of comedy of errors which I'll go into next post.

While I have been waiting for Marc to get the molds made, I did the finish work and mounted the last of the cast Botanicas. Well, except for two which I have to grind some extra glass off or re-fire them but they are sitting in their frames for this pic.

After we get the little lizard and bee pieces finished for the open house, we will start casting the last seven, the new models, of the Botanicas. I'm really excited about that since these have been in the making for over 3 years. It's been over a year since the last time I cast any (all that commission work and then moving the shop).

I moved the tropicals...plumerias, desert rose, nun's orchid, staghorn fern, night blooming cirrius (produced four blooms this summer and I missed every single one!), and other cold sensitive last Wednesday. We will still have warm days but it dipped down to 30˚ Thursday night so in they came and in they will remain til spring. I am not hauling those things in and out until winter settles in.

Here's an update on the pecan harvest (not counting the ones I have shelled and I've lost count of those):

this is from 5 trees, two of which are natives

and still there are pecans laying on the ground and in the trees. I could just let them lay but if I do I'll be digging them up in the spring after they sprout as new trees.

OK, need to get over to the shop and get started. I'm already an hour late.


  1. wow! the glassworks are so cool!

    speaking of cool, you're hitting 62 there. we're at 42 for the high and dipping to 25 tonight, again. the damp mist in the air settles right into the bones. :)

  2. The botanicals are really lovely. They have such nice shape that I wish I could run my fingers over the surface of them. the colors are also lovely. I do not envy you such a large pecan harvest, but it must help pay for itself.

  3. Your Botanicas are just beautiful.. the colours so appealing. And that harvest.. now I'm craving pecan pie.

  4. The tough part of having a nut tree. I had a small black walnut that was a real pain I took out.

  5. Your art makes me feel swoony.
    Your plants look like mine.
    Why do you get pecans and I get none? Squirrels eat so many of ours.
    I feel like you never waste a minute.

  6. The botanicas look amazing!

    Will your plants get enough light inside? I agree about hauling them in and out -- it's a pain -- but it seems like it might be too dark inside for a couple of months of plant maintenance.

  7. Great stuff! Wished I had made it.

  8. There is no end to your creativity, whether as an artist, a gardener or a provider of edibles.

    I salute you!

  9. gorgeous work. I love the botanicals.
    Gosh, I don't blame you, I wouldn't want to haul those plants around again until spring. This is the first year I don't have a "forest" of plants to bring in. The Uma cat cost us a fortune last spring when she decided to taste my houseplants. So, I gave them away in the spring and summer. Kinda missed them on the porch but oh well. we do what we gotta do, right?

  10. Those are fabulous! I love seeing your work...

    Mike finally buried the miniature rosebush yesterday - just in time for the snow (we trim it back & cover it in leaves until spring). Other than bringing in the geranium that's all the yard work we do to get ready for winter :)


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