Wednesday, December 11, 2013

two more amazing artists

I mentioned Kari Minnick in my last post.

One of the great things for me, having a kiln glass center here in the Houston area, is getting to meet artists, whose work I have admired, when they come in to teach a class. I'm not always able to get out there, as it is out in the Boonies, and I missed Kari when she was here last year but this year I did make it out there.

Kari creates beautiful fused glass panels using powders and frit. While her past work used some images of a recognizable nature and verses, her new work is very abstract and though I'm not much for abstract, I love Kari's work.

You can see much more of her work here.

Another artist I've had the pleasure of meeting and whose work I also love is Richard Parrish. It's been a while since Richard came to teach. He also does abstract fused glass panels and vessel forms but his technique is very different, involving kiln carving (slumping over cut out fiber paper shapes) and sandblasting.

Richard's work falls in two styles...pieces that look very geologic to me and others that remind me of woven fabric.

You can see more of Richard's work here.

Well, we are headed into the city today to work on the peacock panel and sketches and will be in residence through Saturday.


  1. beautiful works by both! gorgeous colors and textures. makes me want to feel them.

  2. Thanks for sharing this beautiful work.

  3. My grand daughters took an introductory sort of class to glass fusing. It involved a couple of fifty dollar stops at the stained glass store to get them through. I was amazed at the number of steps involved in the little pieces they made. Sadly, the cat wended across a dresser top and broke a plate Emily made.
    It is another highly skilled art form. I enjoyed looking at the work you highlighted.

  4. Double wow. Wish they were showing at the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria. We do have our glass artists, but these two are very interesting.

  5. I love Kari's abstract work. Very cool. And I am always drawn to geologically inspired stuff. This is great. Houston is rich with glass artists, or at least they come through there to do workshops.

  6. These are beautiful works of art. How blessed you are to live in an area with so many amazing artists.
    I came visiting hoping to see the quilt that you and your granddaughter made. I do hope that you will post photos of it. It sounded like so much fun, designing and making a quilt together. Grandchildren are such a glorious and enriching part of live :)
    Keep Smiling,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  7. I Admire both of these artists. I miss the Houston area and all it has to offer (even though it has been a long long time since we lived in Huntsville).

  8. Oh, wow! Look at that -- color and light and texture...


  9. My sweet goodness, I really want to touch it... the colors and texture really want to be touched.

  10. Wow, thanks for sharing some of your favorite artists with us. Their work is very interesting. I really connect with Richard's work, both the woven and geologic pieces. Your blog is always such a fascinating place to visit.
    Good luck with your work in the city.


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