Saturday, December 28, 2013

tea time

I put this little teacup bird feeder up about a year ago under the eave of the house hanging in front of the window I gaze out of where I sit. At first I put regular bird seed in it but the only bird that discovered it was a cardinal so I replaced the seed with sunflower seeds.

Eventually, chickadees and titmice discovered it and it has been a source of entertainment all year. Once in a while a curious wren would check it out and just recently, blue jays have visited.

A few days ago I took the screens off the windows and cleaned the windows inside and out. Wow. I can see so much so much more clearly as can the birds apparently. They are acting all freaky and jittery. And they definitely do not like me raising the camera.

They are very quick except for the cardinals who come to the cup and 'dine in'. The chickadees and titmice make kamikaze runs. Grab and go.

I have lots of pictures of the teacup.

The chickadees are the smallest and lowest man on the totem pole and they give ground to all the other birds. As they are small, they are usually hidden somewhat by the cup.

The titmice often come in pairs and are the quickest and hardest to get a picture of. I have to see them coming and get ready, camera on.

Of the cardinals, the females are more timid. The males are not fazed and will let me take picture after picture.

The bluejays even send the cardinals packing. They are recent visitors and very nervous and very hard to get a picture of. The least movement sends them off. They haven't been back, that I've seen, since I took down the screens and cleaned the windows. They are such big birds, every time they land and take off they send the tea cup, or rather the saucer, bonking into the window. And they don't seem to shell the sunflower seed like the other birds but eat them shell and all.

edit: this bluejay showed up this morning but flew away as soon as I took the picture. Skittish.


  1. I am looking at cardinals dining at my feeder right now. They are persistent visitors. We get the chickadees too. Occasionally a red-headed woodpecker will show up and grab a bite. They are cheerful little creatures, aren't they?

  2. this made me smile. all the way through. :)

  3. I love watching birds. They are very entertaining. I got a teacup at the junk store, shortly after you posted last year about your bird feeder cup.....but it is still in the "to do" pile of things. Must get that done so I can enjoy the jays here.

  4. I have noticed that it is somewhat about bill size. With birds, size does matter. Cute little visitors.

  5. Fab tea party! We are not quite so civil here, peanuts tossed out onto the deck, first come basis.

  6. I saw some saucers and cups at the Thrift store and thought about doing this. My problem is the wind here. It is ferocious! I would have to put it in a somewhat sheltered area and I am afraid that would discourage the birds ...... I will just have to enjoy yours

  7. The cup and saucer is such a sweet idea. I have seen it somewhere before.. perhaps here? I don't think it would fare well with our winters but I sure enjoy seeing your winged visitors.

  8. Spot on, every observation. Camera up, bird gone. They are a joy to watch. I'm up to two woodpeckers now, redheaded and downy. I get later and later to work, sitting in my drive watching them. Finally I have to go.

  9. You get a pretty good variety of birds there! I wish we had a place to put a feeder. I get such a kick out of seeing what comes around in my friends' and family's yards.

    By the way, as I posted today, your glass window pieces were a hit at Christmas! Thanks for helping to make that happen!

  10. Lovely bird feeder idea and great shots! Titmouse are my favorite bird and I love the photo of the cardinal staring at you!

  11. Wow, that's a great idea. Love the photos too Ellen.
    Hope you've had a great holiday. Happy New Year.

  12. What a good idea and beautiful pictures :)


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