Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Busy busy week. Busy busy month. I am always so glad when December is over. And this December is going to be worse than usual.

It starts with the annual Open House with other glass artists at our friends Dick and Kathy's glass blowing studio which is late this year. It usually falls on the 1st weekend in December but this year the 1st was on a Sunday and since Thanksgiving was so late this year we bumped it to the next full weekend.

The following weekend is my grandgirl Robin's Bat Mitzvah. The weekend after that, my sister goes out of town to spend christmas week with her daughter and family in Albuquerque and we get the little dogs. In there is christmas and two days later, Marcmas (if you are new around here, that's Marc's birthday and yes we are irreverent) and finally New Year's.

And in there somewhere, I have two sets of designs to do and samples to make and I just got confirmation that another proposal is ready to send us a deposit.

Fuck. I am never going to get the Erotica Botanicas finished.

Not that I am complaining. I am very happy for the commission work. For as long as we can do it.

Monday and Tuesday I got the cold work done on the three small bowls that Marc did. He loves this property and the view of the sunsets over the vacant 13 Acre Field and so he used the spectacular sunsets we get for inspiration and he did a fabulous job even if I do say so myself.

Also got the window/garden ornaments wired up for hanging last night and dug out the left over cast pieces from last year.

So now I'm trying to get everything assembled, packed, and loaded up for the work week in the shop and weekend. I have to bring my model making stuff as we are going to be 'working at our table' throughout the weekend as a sort of on-going demo.

All right. That's enough, still got plenty to do before we head to the city this afternoon.


  1. Oh, but I think you should throw a party in the middle of all of this! Or, you know, decide to re-tile your bathroom or lay new floor in the kitchen! Because honestly, that's just not enough to be doing.
    (Seriously- those bowls are gorgeous and please take care of yourself, i.e., get enough sleep, eat some good food, etc.)

  2. The bowls are just stunning. You two produce such incredible art.

  3. the bowls are really pretty! i can't wait until the holidays are over, too. :)

  4. This is too busy, as in insane. But, you'll bet through. Then throw the party. Say on Marcmas.

  5. Love the bowls! And I thought I had a lot on MY plate this month! Of course, most of my stuff is just worrying about things...

    Hope the Open House goes well!

  6. I love the bowls!

    Glad you're busy - hope you aren't too busy.


  7. Hm, sounds quite hectic. And in between you still find time to blog and visit other blogs?

    Good luck with the work.


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