Wednesday, April 14, 2010

getting too comfortable, I guess

You know how your mood can turn on a dime? Life has been very pleasant the last couple of weeks being unemployed notwithstanding. Business has started warming up. I guess now that it's tax time people are breathing a little easier. Easier enough to make phone calls at any rate.

We are in the city to take care of some business. I was supposed to meet a designer today that I have done business with in the past and we are finishing trimming up the excess adhesive at the methodist church tomorrow. Plus setting up a workshop at a new facility here. And it was my yoga day.

We are trying out the new paradigm for our business. If we are to move out to Wharton lock, stock and barrel then we will have to be more thoughtful about arranging meetings. No more 'yeah, come on over, we're here'. That is going to cost us a small percentage of our business but it's a part that has saved us more than once. I am trying to arrange things around Wednesdays since I want to be here for yoga with my girlfriends.

So my meeting with the designer got postponed til next Wednesday. Her client's schedule changed so her schedule changed and it was easier on both of us to put it off til next week. I also need to schedule a meeting with a new inquiry so I will do that on the same day. This is going to entail a lot more driving and time on our part, a different mind set, but then we knew that going in to this whole moving thing.

The meeting getting postponed didn't bother me, forgetting my yoga clothes and having to buy some new pants didn't really bother me. Being chided for not learning the sanskrit words for the seven chakras bothered me a little bit. I don't care what they are called in sanskrit, I think of them in english. I mean, geez, I'm frickin' forgetting how to spell so learning the sanskrit words for the seven chakras is a little low on my priority list. But I got over it.

The jackass drivers who expect you to let them in 'cause they waited til the last minute to try to get in the right lane only rankled for a moment. And having the timing on our visit to the glass resource center tomorrow switched from last thing to first thing only took a minute or so to adjust to.

But what really did it is having the printer that I NEED decide to stop printing from the computer. Works fine to make, enlarge or shrink copies. Scans into the computer just dandy but will not print from the computer. I'm fairly OK with dealing with computers and figuring out small problems. Marc is better, but neither of us can figure why the damn thing won't print. Worked before. Says it's printing while the printer stays silent and motionless until an error message comes on screen. Really? Ya think? We're going to try a new cable but there is some communication since it scans in. If we have to have professional help it might just be cheaper to buy a new printer seeing as how we are unemployed and all. Which ever.

So why did this have to happen now?


The curse.


  1. this is where a small voice says go with the flow really lose it;-) chalk it up to a bad day and keep on keepin' on--been there too many times to mention and it isn't worth the angst---tomorrow will be better-best c

  2. I am laughing about your comment about the drivers who wait until the last minute to get into the right lane. I encounter that almost every single day taking my daughter to school. There are days when that is the single most frustrating thing of my entire day. At the end of the day, if that's the case, life is pretty good . . . ;)

  3. I hate when drivers wait until the last minute to get over....really pisses me off! I love when semi-truck drivers pull half way over so they can't get through, Makes my day!!
    As for the printer...figures

  4. ellen - i see the good things - new pants - woohoo! you're alive despite sharing the road with less-than-worthy drivers and you're able to feel and share your emotions with a sense of humour! days like that come along and roll past and are quickly replaced by something less entertaining but more happy-making. steven

  5. OMG, Ellen. The Curse!

    I hate when that printer thingy happens. I used to think it was just the spooling process and would wait and wait and wait before realizing the computer and printer were just sitting there doing nothing except laughing at me. I'm sorry you had all these interruptions, inconveniences and irritations. And that sanskrit business? Well, that totally scared me away from Yoga forever.

    Sending love from the Casa.

  6. I'm glad you had such a nice staycation, and very glad that business is picking up.

    Being chided for ANYTHING in yoga class is just completely uncalled for. That is not in the spirit of yoga.

    When I gave up my car, it meant that I had to be more organized around running errands (since I rent a Zipcar to do that). It's OK to be more organized. Your clients will be OK with it, too.

    As for other drivers and printers - don't ask me!!

  7. good luck with the change of paradigm. things happen, they can wreck our day orwe can roll on...its our choice.

  8. I have a dumb question (only because it has happened to me in the past). Are you sure you're trying to print to your actual printer? I had something happen on my computer & my default printer had changed to some fax program which wasn't even set up - so of course it didn't work. I figure that you already checked that - but decided that since it was my only thought on the matter I'd share it!

  9. Well, I agree Reya though this is not an organized class. Three of us meet at a friend's house and she leads the class. she's from India. She really is a wonderful person and thinks we should try to learn the 'real' names of the stuff to keep our minds from atrophying. to her credit, she's in her 70s and I don't think she felt well last night and didn't really want to lead the class and for the third week in a row none of us made the effort to learn seven words.

  10. Life demands that we be flexible - or snap. Sounds like you are pretty good at the former. Well ... yoga must help. :)

  11. How wonky this year has been for so many- mentioned this to a friend last night at a fiber arts meeting- she had just gotten whiplash- rear ended- no insurance- loads of pain- She reckoned it is because it is the year of the tiger and we just have to get on it and hold on until it runs its self into another year, another animal. i think that the Rabbit is up next, how difficult can that be?

  12. Ellen, it happened to you because computers specialize in finding exactly the right moment to ruin your life. I learned to expect it years ago and it's never disappointed me.

    So..there's obviously toner/ink in the printer and it will use them for scanning and copying, so the thing is functioning. Does the error message say something about can't find printer or printer is offline or something like that? It sounds like they're not speaking to each other on that particular printer port.

    If you haven't installed anything new on the computer or had any weird(er than usual) things happen on the computer lately, try this: Click on the printer and see if you have any print jobs listed there. If you do, delete or cancel them all. Then shut down the computer and the printer. If you get a "gee, you've got print jobs waiting to happen" message popping up, cancel,delete or stop all print jobs.

    Let them both sit for a couple of minutes, then turn on the computer first, let it boot. Now turn on the printer and check the print queue again. If it's empty, great. Wait a minute or two then try printing a test document.

    If it's not empty, you'll need to "clear the print cache" manually. You can usually find instructions for this online.

    If that doesn't work, next step is to uninstall that printer and delete it from your computer entirely, then reinstall it as if you've never used it before, using the original installation disks. Unplug the printer completely, and start the computer at least once without it, then plug it in. The computer should "find" the printer and you can reinstall it.

    If that doesn't work, you can try a new cable, but if you have an all-in-one printer that's hooked to the computer with a single cable, and other functions are working, it's probably not the cable.

  13. I know what you mean about rolling with all the things that become obstacles...... until you hit that last one that just does you in!!

  14. Printers and related items self-bollix at the precise worst moment. I don't know why, but I do know it's cosmically related to a cat's ability to locate the worst square foot in the house to sit on.

  15. you got reprimanded at yoga? That seems counterintuitive from a yoga instructor.

    And 99.5% of drivers in Atlanta fit your description.

  16. Sometimes a dodgy pdf file can mess up a printer. I'm quite hopeless with computers and printers and usually go the old route of turning it off and on again. And again. And again.

    I find that the insistance to learn the sanskrit for yoga postures can be a distraction for students. you're there to help your body, not learn vocab. I understand that for many teachers, the words themselves are healing words. But the rigid requirements to memorize phrases doesn't feel like it fits with yoga practice.


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