Friday, April 2, 2010

NDE possum style

I went out this mid-morning to finish getting the garden turned and planted and checked on my little squash plants that I had got last weekend and noticed that they were a little droopy. So I got the small bucket and went to get some water out of the rain collector and was startled to see these two unlucky creatures looking up at me.

They weren't in there yesterday afternoon because I used most of the contents of the barrel to water a variety of plants I have put in out there. So I surmise that being nocturnal creatures, these two possums managed to get themselves stuck sometime last night.

I tipped over the barrel but they were hesitant to exit

so I finally tipped them out altogether. They sat there for a little while warming up and occasionally shaking the water out of their fur.

Pretty soon mom headed for the nearest cover and hunkered down under the mock orange by the fence.

Junior followed her a little bit later but paused for awhile in the sun behind where the hummingbird bush grew last summer.

I was working nearby in the garden, checking on them now and then. I kept telling mom that they were safe and to go on and get in their burrow under the house. Eventually junior joined mom under the mock orange and she watched out while junior took a little nap.

Eventually, I guess she felt safe enough to join him. I went in for a break and when I came back out an hour and a half later, they were gone.

* NDE – near death experience


  1. How cool! Various members of my family have had possums for pets. They make very good watch dogs.

  2. I'm still not confortable with wild life. I would have scampered in a hurry.

  3. Hi Ellen

    Your possums look different to ours. The long nose makes me think he could be related to the Bilbie!

    We rarely see our possums, only when you startle them at night you might catch a glimpse and once a caught sight of a huddle in the nest of a palm tree.

    Happy days possum saviour

  4. I never thought I would call a pair of possums "adorable", but those two are, all waterlogged and amazed. They must have been SO tired, if they had to paddle for hours in there. A nap was needed. It's so neat you helped them. Now they can be happy and live their lives.

  5. They were standing on the bottom but I'm sure they were hypothermic and tired, having to keep their heads above water. I'm just glad I was here to find them. If it had been one of our longs weeks away they probably would not have survived.

  6. Oh, my goodness. I'm glad you found them and were able to help them!

  7. Amazing! What a great story, and pictures too. I love the one where they are both sleeping- they are lucky little possums that you were around!

  8. Possums are such pests here in the Melbourne suburbs, Ellen, but these two beauties are enough to steal anyone's heart. What a great story and you illustrate it so well with your photos. Our possums live above ground and hop from tree to tree. they get into the roof cavities and can wreak havoc with their mess and urine and fights overnight, that these animals that were once fondly regarded are no longer much loved, however cute they might seem.

    Still they're protected and that's probably not a bad thing. The only thing we can do if they become a problem is remove them from our backyards and relocate them elsewhere.


  9. I love the napping photo - like they were standing there and just fell over. You saved them! That's a good karma day.

  10. Loved the photos too! I am so glad you found them!!! That napping picture is the best!!

  11. A surprise bath! Wow.

    Awww - they were playing possum until you got out of the way.

    I can't believe it, but you made possums look cute. Who would ever have thunk it?

    You're kind, Ellen. You are.

  12. I am glad you said they were possums because I would have had no idea!! They look seriously cute though :0)

  13. Oh Ellen! A real life animal rescue!!!! You are such a kind soul.

    Those poor possums were probably freezing in that water. So happy you freed them when you did.

    And I suspect they were hanging around because you were hanging around.

    Bless their little hearts. And YOURS!

  14. Aww - a tender vittles story. You can never be too sure with your country house stories!

  15. Ellen~ They are adorable! Your story is wonderful & the pictures too. How very sweet.
    Have a lovely Easter!

  16. Wow. I can't imagine your face when you were surprised by those two staring up at you! Great photos all along the way. Thanks for taking them. We take care of lots this time of year at the Center but I never see them and their normal behavior in the outside world.

  17. Aww the poor wee things must have been so cold and tired. I'm so happy you happened upon them and got them out of there. That napping shot is sweet. You're the possum whisperer. ;)

  18. What adorable night swimmers! Glad they were safe and clean after that all-nighter.

  19. I have never actually seen a possum... They look really cute, though! :) And how sweet, the two of them taking a nap together right next to you house like that...! :) Thank you for sharing this! Very nice. :) /Jo.
    Oh, and congrats on the POTW, too!

  20. oh they're sweet
    I'm glad they were OK

    congrats on POTW

  21. I've never seen a possum in the day. They must have been shell-shocked. Great pics and congratulations on the potw.

  22. Oh my goodness, the little yelp I let out when I pulled up the page would have been nothing to the Riccola style yodeling I would have done upon seeing the rain barrel blink at me.

    Gadzukes, that must have put the heart across you!

    Wonderful pictures, and a fun story. Tell me, did you have to run around in a small circle, flapping about, before realizing what you needed to do free said possums? Did you have a moment as I'm sure I would have, in which you screamed, "HOLY CROW, DRAGONS!" (I'm level-headed, and reasonable that way)?

    If not, then you are easily one of the more capable human beings out there. I'm not afraid of rodents, but I guarantee I would have taken a few minutes to do the jump, scoot boogey of terror!

  23. I love this story!

    The poor things must have been absolutely exhausted to keep themselves exposed for such a long time under your watchful eyes. Thank you for saving their lives.

    And congrats on POTW!

  24. wow. what an adventure...nice pics as well. i am sure they were happy for your assistance...congrats on the POTW.

  25. What a find! Where do you keep your camera so you could run and get it and get the pictures lickity-split?

  26. That last photo is just wonderfully sweet and so very trusting of you. I love this entire post!

    Perfect POTW mention! Congratulations!


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