Tuesday, April 6, 2010

an abundance of blooms

It was so nice not having to close up the house yesterday and head back to Houston for the week although we are going in for the day tomorrow so I can go to yoga. We also plan to pack up some stuff we haven't brought out yet but of course, rain is now predicted for Wednesday evening.

Mostly what I have been doing is getting the rest of the garden in and doing other yard work, doing some house cleaning (always fun) and taking care of little tasks that have been being put off. Sunday we went over to my sister's for dinner and I came back laden with fresh eggs. The chickens have finally started laying again.

More flower pictures...I know, I know but they are just so beautiful and plentiful right now.

bluebonnets and roses in my front yard

wild blackberry (what we call dewberry)

the evening primroses are starting to bloom

the mock orange is a mass of flowers

the pink climbing rose that is all up in the crepe myrtle and oak tree

the red and pink climber in the crepe myrtle tree

the roses are blooming their little hearts out

rain beading up on the white iris

the peas are also blooming madly and covered with little pods

first harvest


  1. I do love me some peas!

    So pretty, Ellen. Hey... that Yoga stuff... I'd love to try it but am so afraid I'd snap in half. Any advice?

  2. Wow Ellen - how your garden grows!! What an abundance of glorious blooms ... Love the shot of the climbers in your myrtle tree.

    You must be in a planting zone 8 or near - we're in a planting zone of 3/4 and will never enjoy many of the gorgeous blooms on display in your garden.


  3. Gorgeous! Our neighbor has mock organge - can't wait until it starts blooming so I can go sniff it!

    I miss crepe myrtle's - there was one at my grandmother's house. When I was little I would "climb" it & think I was hot stuff (all of 3 feet off the ground LOL).

  4. waaaaaaaaaaaah, I live in the desert...........boo hoo.

    Your flowers are sniff, sniff, wonderfully jealousy inducing. I remember when I was a kid, when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, my Mother had a mock orange in the back yard, OH MY, they smell fabulous.

    Very lovely pictures, thanks for sharing. (((hugs)))until next time.

  5. Oh, every thing's coming up roses in your neck of the woods. Yeah!

  6. Those are all from your garden? You didn't sneak into a neighbour's and nick a few sneaky shots? Ok, I believe you.

  7. Your flower pictures make my heart sing! Your photos are amazing!! Well done.

  8. Very relaxing, scrolling through your garden of photographs here ...

  9. Love them all! The Rain on the White Iris is just golden. Period.

  10. Oh wow.. that's just so heavenly. Such beautiful blooms.

  11. Okay, now I am really jealous! It is completely white where I live. I simply cannot believe you actually have sweet peas! And those flowers and heavenly. Lucky lady living in such early abundance.

  12. beautiful. The rain on the white iris is my fave.

  13. Hey Ellen, just thought I'd stop by and say: Happy Sisterfriend's day, my sista.
    I beat you to the post this morning so left it on yesterdays for you.....with all your fabuloso flora. (((hugs))) until next time

  14. You have me longing for summer!

  15. Wow, those are a lot of pretty flowers!

    Our mock orange doesn't bloom until late June or July.

  16. Beautiful blooms. The rose is my favorite, although I love the fresh peas, too.

  17. Beautiful blooms. The rose is my favorite, although I love the fresh peas, too.


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