Tuesday, April 20, 2010

here and gone

I have been here and yet I have been away.

My birthday is coming up and we're having a little party out here at the country house the end of the month. I have been the proverbial busy bee. There is no way I can put everything to rights, all the left undone little tasks but I'm determined to make a dent in them. I have painted the hall, still to paint the trim, and the paper that has been taped to the floor for 6 months is up. I have been unpacking boxes that have languished, putting cup hooks above the stove to hold my skillets. I have cleaned the bathroom top to bottom and wall to wall. Floors have been mopped. I have got in the next planting of beans and kept the garden weeded and watered. I repaired my water barrel that was leaking. I have rearranged some things. I've even made molds of the bark of the trees here and have made a few stabs at getting the waxes done but I need some stuff that is in Houston.

I have been enjoying being here, taken lots of pictures but have spent little time on them and tonight is already late and I have to be off early in the morning.

I'm having another day of business in the city tomorrow. A quick foray into town and then back again. Two meetings early and some other running around, then yoga with the girls. And I get to see the grand kids, albeit briefly.

Tomorrow, I will still be away, but this time I won't be here.


  1. All that doing makes me tired reading about it. The lovely part is the seeing the grandkids part. Sometimes, I just want to breathe them in. Happy grandkidding......(((hugs))) until next time

  2. Like you I am neither here nor there, just dashing to and fro trying to accomplish too much in too little time. In the end it all comes together anyway.....

  3. Wow! I got tired just reading what you are doing! Hope you enjoyed the grandbabies!! That is the best part

  4. All good things, have a great day today :)

  5. You have been a busy little bee. Don't you love that feeling of accomplishment and freshness?

  6. If you're not careful you're going to inspire me to get the rest of our unpacking done. We have stacks of pictures laying everywhere - we should just either put them on walls or in bins in the garage. And that's just the beginning.

    Maybe I'll take a blogging break to get some of that done. And a facebook break. And a puzzles break. Perhaps just turn off the computer altogether?

  7. Dang , girl, take a nap! sit in the sun with a cool one! I am exhausted having read this post-Good thing there is yoga to unwind and stretch out your busy self.
    Can't wait for birthday cake!!!

  8. Oh my goodness - you put me to shame - and you inspire me. Can't type - work to do!!!


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