Sunday, April 25, 2010

at leisure

The evening sky one day last week.

These have been really lovely days these past several weeks, making me lazy and industrious at the same time. I have continued to work on several tasks simultaneously, a little bit of outdoor work, a little bit of indoor work, a little bit of model making work. I flit about accomplishing little. Or so it seems.

I did manage to get my website updated although there wasn't much to update. Another entry on the news page, another page for the client list, one item sold. The entries in the exhibitions and shows list are old. I have stopped entering exhibitions where I have to pay for the work to be shipped both ways plus a jury fee and the gallery that was taking our work to the national shows for the last three years didn't last year and I have heard nothing about this year's shows. Well, I have no new work yet anyway. I did submit three pieces for the Craft Texas show, an exhibition put on every other year by the Houston Center For Contemporary Craft, a show that I have been accepted into every time I have submitted. I didn't apply the last time because I was busy getting ready for our one person show at our local gallery at the time. I was rejected this year, or 'not accepted' as the email notification put it. I suppose they think that is less harsh. Oh well, just a continuation of the general dissing I have been getting from the art world for the last year and a half. I started too late in life for this gallery thing, an endeavor best started young.

But life is good anyway. The first rush of spring has gone by and other things are starting to unfold, and while the bluebonnets are fading, the evening primrose and indian paintbrush are at their peak to be followed by black eyed susans and sunflowers. Some of my roses only bloom twice a year and they are done for now, others will bloom repeatedly in cycles throughout the summer. It's been fairly breezy all last week and I have had the devil of a time trying to get pictures that are IN FOCUS!

The roses along the fence, the ones that bloom in bouquets, are blooming now and once done will not bloom again til late summer.

The day lilies that my friend sent me from the pacific NW are just jumping out while the ones I already had will bloom later.

The easter lilies are being slow to emerge but have finally put out some buds.

The rocket larkspur is in full bloom

and the gerber daisies are beginning to come out.

The cotton in the fields has sprouted

and so have my second planting of beans.

A small tree in my yard. This is the first time I have seen it bloom in the 2 ½ years we have owned this place. It has bloomed every year because I always see the small berry fruit in the fall. Finally I saw it blooming. I have no idea what this tree is and the blooms only lasted about a week.

The flowers are pea-like.

Did I mention that life is good? I'll have to do a couple of days of work next week to nail down a couple of jobs but til then I have been delighting in the bounteousness and good weather of spring.

Tra la.


  1. Gorgeous blooms and I love-love that dramatic Texas sky!

  2. Your flower photos are stunning. It is a delight to see them. Thanks for sharing. It's not a good thing to be dissed at any age, but I do understand, from one fine aged female to another.
    ((((hugs)))) until next time

  3. I love those photographs, absolutely stunning - Well done you and Yayyyy for a bit of sunshine :0)

  4. Hi Ellen

    a nice catch-up post of your life and your mood...all is well with the world...

    Happy days

  5. Sorry you got dissed....I know how that feels. I got a "not accepted" too. Kind of disappointing! Sigh! Love your flower photos! Those roses are amazing. And I have no idea what that tree is. Very curious!

  6. ellen i love the rich blooming contentment of this post. nature carries on in beautiful profusion while you enjoy your time. cool. steven

  7. Sorry about the lack of work but at least you have a beautiful garden!

  8. You are so immersed in spring's beauty and life's goodness ... Enjoy.

  9. Love that moody, dark sky in your photo! Your garden blooms make for a colourful environment - just beautiful and always a source of wonder, encouragement and comfort when the quirks of life disappoint.

    I have always found it hard to be pro-active with regard to promoting myself, my work or my art - and even more so now as I get older. I'd rather just work at the artistic end of things - but then how is anyone ever going to see it or buy it? Fortunately, that is not so important to me.

  10. Your roses are beautiful! And the sky where you are - wow.

    Do you grow cotton? Wow times two.

    I'm glad life is good, and that you're enjoying yourself. Again it seems to me that you're doing a lot, even though you say you're puttering without accomplishing anything.

    Your tree is so exotic. Wow. Happy Monday, Ellen! Thanks for the garden tour.

  11. Lovely flowers - as usual. You take great pictures. Sorry you weren't accepted - even though WE think you're fabulous that doesn't help get the word out that much...

  12. Very pretty. Sorry about the crafts show. The flowers are lovely & I know you are enjoying them. It's nice to have these cooler days 'cause when the heat of summer gets here we'll not be seeing many flowers as they will have burned up. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Yesterday was mid 50s and spotty rain. I went for a run in it and didn't mind it a bit. The grey sky made everything look super-green and lush as hell.

  14. I understand the frustration of the rejections, especially when you know your work is exceptional. Sometimes I think it's more about fashion than accomplishment... but maybe that's sour grapes. No way to figure out a jury.

    I believe your tree is a flowering locust tree...maybe a purple robe, but they are a little more vivid in color than your picture shows. Your garden pictures are so lovely. The moody evening sky is a wonder to see as well. Aint life grand (bumps and all).

  15. Wonderful photos. It is good to hear you are relaxing and enjoying. It is a well earned leisure time.

  16. All of that fresh growth looks so wonderful. A few deep breaths around here and I'm good to go!


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