Monday, September 30, 2013

starting up

I got home from the residency/retreat all excited about getting back into the cast glass work, ready to start on my next body of work, the river stories, which means I have to finish the botanica erotica pieces.

I have 10 of the proposed 12 and the 3 larger ones already cast so I seemed to be pretty close to finishing. Except that when I was going through my images to select the last couple, I had just too many really good ones so I expanded the proposed pieces to 15 small and 5 large.

Not to mention that I still haven't finished up the body of work before these pieces. The peach box being the case in point. Not to mention the one I haven't even started yet.

It took me over a week to re-enter fully after returning home. And then I had some commission work to do, still have one to do this week and a sketch for another, but...

I finally started on the next wax for the botanica erotica series yesterday.


  1. I love to watch artists work and wish I lived near one...perhaps you!

  2. good for you! the project that keeps going and going...

  3. Exquisite!

    Very much looking forward to the river stories series.

  4. Ooh glad to see you start back on these!

  5. So exciting to see new pieces in process.

  6. You've definitely got a lot on your plate! I guess it's good to have multiple projects working at once, so you can switch from one to another before burnout sets in.

  7. That botanica erotica model is exquisite.
    If you can make that into a glass ornament you are a great artist in your field.

  8. The fall shows are starting around here and I saw some nice pieces over the weekend.

  9. Getting into the things can be a pain, but once you're there... the rest it's working pleasure, usually ;-)

  10. Hi Ellen, stopped by to say hi, that botanica erotica is beautiful, anxious to see the finished product.
    Hope you have been feeling well. I am back in Blog Land now, so will be by much more again. take care.


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