Tuesday, September 10, 2013

oh ye of little faith

I did an image search for the word stupid and I can rightfully say my stupid doesn't even touch the stupid the search brought up so this post remains unillustrated.

If I hadn't already proved what a total idiot I seem to be turning into with my two brain farts the week I was gone, I'm totally convinced of it now.  

Reality has indeed intruded.

In the last 24 hours I knocked the side view mirror off my son's car, failed to bring my tape measure to make a pattern and measure a space, and I lost my iPad.

I can tell you where and to the minute that I lost it.  I just didn't realize it at the time and when I did it was too late.  I went back, was only gone 40 minutes tops and that includes two wrong turns, but there was no sign of it.

After my appointment yesterday morning to take a pattern and I discovered my tape measure had not made it into my bag before I left home, I went to the church we did several years ago to photograph it again because I had lost all the large format pictures when the computer they were stored on crashed.

When I was done, I walked out to the parking lot, put my iPad on the rail of the truck bed just behind the cab, reached into my bag for the keys, unlocked the door, got in and drove off.  When I got to my next destination I was early so I reached into my bag for the iPad except it wasn't there and was nowhere in the truck.  I thought for a minute and...

damn damn damn

Rushed back to the church and of course it was nowhere to be seen so I went inside.  Not at the welcome desk in the lounge, not turned into the school office, not turned into the main office.

fuck fuck fuck

Back I went to Hot Glass Houston to buy the opal powders I wanted and one of the guys there told me that if I went to the Apple store they could probably locate it for me.  As it happened there was an Apple store in the nearby mall, so I thought it was worth a shot.

But no.  Apparently I had the cloud function turned off because it didn't show up.

damn damn damn

So what to do?  I use my iPad every day as a portfolio, as a computer away from home, as a communication device with my grandkids and kids, and many other things.  Wait a couple of days and see if it turns up, which I didn't consider likely, that if whoever found it was going to turn it in they would have already or just go ahead and bite the bullet and buy a new one since I was right there?

The fact that they had a new upgraded version was a carrot.  A big carrot.  So after consulting with Marc, I bought a new one.

That was yesterday.

Got a phone call today from the church.  They have it.  Whoever found it didn't turn it in to any of the offices but instead just put it on a table in the lounge and it wasn't discovered until today.


  1. Oh MAN. So does Marc have a new iPad now? :)

  2. are you going to return the 'carrot'? :)

  3. Remember when a phone was only used to talk to someone??? aaah those were the daze.

  4. Being the curious type, I did a google image search of stupid.

    And Oh My No, you are not even close to being THAT stupid. Not even in the same solar system.

  5. A bad and trying day tripping yourself up..... Have had several of those in my life time, but I wake up the next day with some faith in humanity (they didn't steal the ipad) and you get a brand new one to play with !!!

  6. Actually, Ms. Stupid, this rather made me smile. But only at the end of your day, not at the beginning or middle.

  7. fuck fuck fuck is usually magic- like abracadabra but with more attitude. Works for me generally speaking.Days like that day you just had- the universe is trying to tell you to go back in your corner and wait till another dawn.

  8. crappy day. It doesn't really even help much that the iPad showed up, except it's cool to know that someone found it and did not steal it, I guess. Well chalk this one up to "one of those days." Seems like you should be able to return the new iPad though, since you barely had it at all. Or is it like buying underwear or a swimsuit or something?

  9. WHEW! Thank goodness you got it back, though it's kind of a drag that you've already invested in the expense of a new one. The important thing is you've got all the data back now. (And you have the security of knowing that someone else doesn't have all that data!)

  10. I was happy to see someone DID turn it in at least - especially it being a church and all.

    And I don't find any of that stupid - sounds like you have a lot on your mind. Busy, busy. I walk down the hall and forget why I went that way. It's ridiculous but what's a girl to do.

    Oh, and I one time left my wallet on top of my car while I was putting two of my babies in carseats. Pulled out of the lot, realized what I had done and pulled right back into my parking space. Do you know there were three guys "hanging" outside of 7-11 and gee. . . they had NO idea where my wallet was. The worst part is that wallet contained our mortgage payment. I had just cashed my husband's paycheck and was on the way to another bank to pay it.

    I was so sad that those guys stole it and lied to me. Oh well, more Boones Farm for them that day I suppose.

    Have fun with TWO ipads. :)

  11. Now after down loading all you have a nice gift with the old one. Nice to see your day turned around. Mine was a frenzy also and I need to laugh at my problems. I dropped a camera in a lake last year and immediately got a new one, only to find the wet one working 5 daze later. I use it when I have a friend go along with me.

  12. One thing that I have learned is that if you have lost something, just sit down and relax and take every step backward (in your mind) and you are bound to pin point the spot where you lost it.
    Like TexWisGirl said, what are you going to do with the new "carrot"?

  13. Fuck fuck fuck.

    Now you have two iPads! Excellent.

    I too am having serious re-entry problems. That land up there in upstate NY is really powerful. Let's meet up there next summer. Want to?

  14. Now you have two. Excellent but the pain between the gain was awful I bet.

  15. Well it would seem that Linda Sue is right about your method of magic. It turned no ipods into two ipods.

    I'm very glad that whomever found it turned it in.


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