Wednesday, September 4, 2013

10. misc photos from our days in the studio and at the Center

There are many more than I have posted here and if you want to wade through them all, go to my FB album Residency/Retreat, also visit the FB page for the group which is The Familiar Group Residency 2013. Not all these pictures here are mine. I borrowed several from Amanda Taylor and one from Natali Rodriguez.

more next post


  1. i can only imagine all the stuff going on at once in that studio.

    i was enamored by the dogs hanging out with you all. :)

  2. Looks like everyone was having fun :)

  3. My granddaughters did some glass fusing this summer at the art academy. I saw some of that stuff when I waited for them to finish up. On a teensy scale.

  4. Oh my gosh...what fun it looks like
    Great pics

  5. It's so cool seeing so much industry producing beautiful stuff.


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