Saturday, September 21, 2013

ask and ye shall receive

I'd be all 'right on, man' except that I've been asking for rain for months to no effect.

This time instead of being hopeful at the weather prediction, I scoffed.

After I made my post last Thursday, we had a glorious sunset and then it really began to cloud over and the sky was actually dripping a little bit of water. I can't even dignify the amount by saying it was sprinkling.

It did rain during the night Thursday though and it rained off and on all day Friday, though never a sustained heavy rain. Mostly what we have been in the habit of getting plus intermittent heavier showers. Except about mid-day a heavy wind came up with a sudden downpour of heavy rain which lasted all of about 10 or 15 minutes and then it just...stopped. Just like that, no letting up, no sprinkling or drizzling, just a downpour one minute and nothing the next.

It knocked over 5 of the plumerias I have in pots.

And it rained more during the night last night too. I went over and checked my neighbor's rain gauge this afternoon...3.25”. Would have liked more but I am so happy with what we got. I stood out under the eave and watched it for a while last night.

Of course I'd been watching it all day while I worked on this full size drawing for a window, a water scene coincidentally, with flowering plants and a heron.

It has been a beautiful day with cooler temperatures and everything looks so much happier and the air is clean and smells so good.

As long as it was still raining I refrained from posting anything about it here or on FB. If I learned anything at all on the river, I learned not to invoke the gods.

Especially when you are getting something you want or like. Plenty of time to be grateful and thankful after the event.


  1. I know exactly what you are talking about. Yes m'am.

  2. i was afraid to whisper it, too. we got 3 3/4 inch here and i was SOOOO grateful! today was awesomely clear and cooler, too.

  3. We've been getting a bit too much here. Help yourself!

    Beautiful sunset and I love that drawing .. can't wait to see the finished piece.

  4. The sky is glorious. Your gardens aren't sorry.

  5. rain is a commodity that is fickle....some want and some do not. Mother Nature just gives and cares not the recipients gratefulness.
    I like you am a little gun shy of speaking of such things too soon. (smiles and waves) Oma Linda

  6. Yeah for rain!! We have been getting more here too!!


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