Monday, September 2, 2013

8. ellen has a small panic

Thursday evening after our studio time we started the individual presentations.    We had all thought that we would be giving our presentations the first day but Catharine chose to wait until we had had time to get to know each other and work in the studio some so that our interaction would not be influenced by our work.

I think it was a good strategy but almost immediately I had trouble remembering who did what work so I was glad to get the list of web sites.  I do remember that everyone's work, no matter how long they had been working in the medium, showed an artistic bent and skill.  For some of the artists the bulk of the body of their work was not in glass.  

Suzanne worked in metal, Denise took amazing photographs and did collages as well.  Laura dyed textiles and others had also done work in other mediums.  Estelle, besides working in glass folding frit wafers and fortune cookies, studied a particular style of dying cloth in Japan.  Leigh is a painter; Cindy, a jeweler and photographer.  Natali walked across Spain, which doesn't have anything to do with glass but is an impressive feat anyway.  Louise is a flame worker.  Marti did wonderful figurative work.  

Catharine had scheduled me for Thursday evening and so after we returned from the studio, I went down to my room to get the printed out copy of my presentation, my little speech, the one I had worked on for three days, ignored my anniversary for.  Catharine had already downloaded the images onto her computer from my thumb drive but the paper was the only copy of the words I had.

And I couldn't find it.

I tore through my bag with the stuff I had been lugging around several times.  Needless to say, I was in a minor panic.  I had misplaced my folder that I received upon arriving with all the pertinent info several days previous and I thought I must have tucked it in there.

I rushed to the piano room where we were getting set up and calmly explained to Catharine what had happened freaked out.

Of course, I didn't even save a copy on my computer but I did have an earlier version I had printed out on my desk that Marc could scan and email me.

That is if I could get him on the friggin' phone.  It went to voicemail.  So I called again and it went to voicemail again so I'm standing in the hall of this wonderful serene place and I'm yelling into the phone 'call me now!'.

And then I returned to the piano room and turned my phone off.

hee hee

After the first four, we took a little break and when I walked in to the dining room, there on the tables we used for our morning meetings was a blue folder.  I walked over, flipped it open, and there was my presentation.

When I checked my phone I had two semi-panicked messages.

Never mind, I told him sweetly when I called him back.

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  1. Good one!

    Sounds like you are having lots of fun.

  2. I know the feeling. But with me, it somehow works out that my presentation is better without the notes. I guess because it comes from the heart instead of the head.

  3. I think we must be related. This could all have happened to me also, but I probably would have been (still) accidentally locked in the shower with my phone on the other side of the door when I needed to make that call.

    Anyway, I bet you didn't really need that paper copy anyway; you're just that cool a cucumber. :-)


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